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  1. jackhammermik

    U V Clarifiers

    Looking to you peeps for a little advice... U V Clarifiers seem to be the hot tip if you have a pond and want to keep it algae free and control algae blooms. After suffering a horrible algae sitch which killed my plants I'm wondering how to keep it from happening again. It seems to me I have...
  2. jackhammermik

    21:36/12 photoperiod

    Hola peeps...Just looking for hard data or experience on this. Any one have a friend of a friend of a friend of an Uncle who grew three foot buds using this light cycle. I'm only finding the same article (which is posted here at the overgrow faq's) on the web at a bunch of different sites...
  3. jackhammermik

    Mycorrhiza Fungi

    I was just wondering if anyone has experience using this in DWC hydro.
  4. jackhammermik

    Infra red

    I’ve got a question about heat signature….Leo was chasing someone through the neighborhood the other night. While they were circling I noticed that the spot light went off from time to time. I know they have FLIR. And I also know they are not allowed to just scan a neighborhood. How many times...
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