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    1st time grow when to harvest

    This is also my unidentified strain its a toss between haze xl or critical purple she is also 11 weeks tomorrow ( plant up front )
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    At what point does she start budding out

    So I’m lost at this point she is strong and healthy at this point though I thought it should be budding out by now I’ve been in flowering for 3 weeks roughly now and the pistils are thick as gladly no rotten bananas growing (hermie)
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    Advice needed

    So I have decided that I will be setting up my 80 x 80 x 160 today I just have I few obstacles to get past first so I need you guys advice. 1# How do I set the fan and filter up cause I’m using it outside of my 60x40x60 tent at the moment. 2# How many fans should I have inside and where...
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    I’m new here and first time grower

    Just looking to share my joy of Cannabis. So as I explained I am a first time grower so I’ll explain the setup first. I am using ( 1# 60cm height x 60cm <-> and 40 centimeters deep sorry couldn’t spell the word that starts with w so I used <-> instead. 2# A 60 watt led panel light with grow and...
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