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    Flowering time

    Ok. I have a question about when to start count down flowering time with autoflowering strains. When they say that it flower's 6 week that mean: - 6 weeks from sprouting? - 6 weeks from 1st. preflower signs - any other time frame Help me out pls
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    Light set up

    Hello there. I'm about to start my second grow, and I have a question for the experts here . I have a 4x4x6,5 ft grow box. After the disappointment in the first grow with only led light im opting to add an another HPS light. My light is a: Meizhi led 900w And i want to add an another HPS air...
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    LED coverage vs actual watts

    Hello fellas,i have a question about led lights. On the internet i find different suggestion and can't decide so im here :). My grow box is 4*4*6,5 with 6 plants. Im moving from hps to led (heat problems). Some web pages tell that for a 4*4 i need at last 512W of actual led wattage... Other...
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    HPS & LED combo

    Hello people. I have a question for all of you. Im about to start my 2nd grow. My setup: A single 600w hps cool tube Grow box 4*4*7 Extractor fan with carbon filter Passive and active intake when needed And now im asking my self if i put one 300w led pannel will increase my yield and...
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    Advice about wattage of LED light

    Hello there. I'm searching the web and all that I can find is some confusing information. So im here to ask some advice. My grow box looks like this : Strain - Northern Light autoflowering # of Plants - 6 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flowering Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - 1 600 Watt HPS cool...
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    My 1st setup

    Hello there. I just settled my grow tent. My set up is the following : Grow tent Budda Room 4*4*6.5ft (120*120*200cm). Hps light 600w with cool tube. Air extractor is a VK 125 with up to 380m³/h with charcoal filter. Air intake (forgot the brand ) up to 155m³/h. I also invested in a air...
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    Best strains for hot temperatures

    Hello there. 1.st of all I apologise if some thread allready exist (I was unable to find it). Im new in this business. I have problems with high temperatures in my grow tent. The temperature goes over 86F (30°C)over the day even if i open all the bottom air strips. 1.st ... If i put a small...
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