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    Montana Doctor?

    My wife and I are looking for an understanding and compassionate doctor to work with in Montana. I am a current patient (Chronic Asthma Sufferer). I have an older friend who is in great pain and uses marijauna illegally. I encouraged her to talk to her doctor about writing a recomendation...
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    Caregivers' Garden

    Well folks the time has come for me to contribute my grows to this awesome site. I have been lurking around posting here and there. First is a Disclaimer; By no means do I consider myself an expert on growing. Any CONSTRUCTIVE advice is and will be appreciated. So without further ado may I...
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    PHed water for flushing?

    Hello fellow growers, As we all sometimes have these little questions that plague our minds while working on our ladies, I had one that has bothered me all day. This thread is for opinions and observations. This is not a yes or no thread, I want an answer then an explaination for the...
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