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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    I have been busy as hell So far I have made 3 cuts and the 4th cut will be my last cut. I am hoping to do it this weekend if I do not get stuck working. The T-4 trimmer has been a life saver, though it still is a lot of work bucking all the buds to get them ready to run through the trimmer. I...
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    I got my 1st cut finished and trimmed, the 2nd cut is not quiet ready yet. We have a week of sunny weather in the forecast with one day of rain, maybe by this weekend I will be ready for the 2nd cut. The 1st cut was just the premium rock hard buds, now to let the rest catch up. I am right on...
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    Trimming will actually be pretty easy since I own a Twister T-4 Trimming machine. Now if they could just make a machine that did all the pruning and training for me, growing would be a breeze. :laugh2:
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    Did you get a wet weight on the one you pulled or are you waiting till its dry to see how much you got off her?
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    Once again the weatherman is wrong, from 10 days of no rain to now they say starting Friday it will be 4 days of rain maybe more. Wish I could find a job where you could be wrong that often and still have a good paying job.
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    Tying up branches that are starting to flop over has become a full time job now. I knew it was bound to happen but it was still dissappointing when it happened this evening. I finally broke a branch. Guess I was just to rough with it while trying to re-tie it into a better location. On the...
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    forecast says no rain and nice weather for the next 10 days, I will start my chop in about 19 days so I should be able to get one more feeding in before I do my flush. I think I will be just fine so long as after 10 days we do not get 9 days of non-stop torrential rains. All in all compared to...
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    How to grow bigger plants?

    Looks to me like you are growing your plants outdoors, if that is true let me state the obvious. Stop using pots and plant it in the ground after you prep the area first. Dig a hole 16 to 20 inches deep and about 5 feet by 5 feet across. Make sure it is an area that gets direct sunlight for the...
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    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    1st day in a week I have been able to open the doors and keep them open on the greenhouse. From what the wife is telling me, we are in for a week of perfect weather. YAY! my Raspberry Kush is finally starting to show her colors, those cold nights made that possible...
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