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    Too much light?

    Hey all, just a general question. Can my plants be getting too much light? My set-up is 6 23watt cfls at about 1400 lumens each. Right now I have two, month old, NL moms who were doing well until I flipped on some more light. I doubled my light to 12 23 watt cfls at 1400 Lumens each putting...
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    Common Problem?

    I did research and tried to solve this problem myself, I hate asking the questions everyone has asked before but I'm afraid to make any more mistakes on this plant. Background: 1 of my 2 NL plants, feminized Indoor Soil of 7/1/3 ratio (from wally world, I know, my store didnt have the...
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    Top 5 Journals Ever Posted

    Alright I'm pretty new here at 420. I've been reading journals every day for a few months (way better than tv). I've found some really great journals here, mostly by checking links in members signatures. I was wondering if 420 Magazine keeps track of "Hall of Fame journals" or anything like...
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    CFL Wiring

    Alright so, I'll be doing a stealth grow in a small cab 2'3'4'. I decided to use CFL's due to $$/electricity/heat. I'm going to growing SOG style so ill be using 32 * 23W CFL 2700k at 1800 Lumens. (I found 4 packs at menards for <$11) My question is whats the best way to wire all 32 lights...
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    DIY drip irrigation?

    I've been planning a decent sized SOG grow for a while now, with Hempy 2L bottles VERY similar to Xare, and 420fied. But since the number of plants is much higher than usual and Hempy doesn't really allow over-watering, I was hoping to use some sort of drip irrigation. Does anyone have any...
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