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  1. K.puff&stuff

    Is it possible or just a myth seeds determination

    Hello all was wondering if i can get some help here. I got some seeds from a auto that i pollinated with a photo male. Outcome who knows? Question is Is it possible to know if seeds is male or female befor going into soil?? Thanks
  2. K.puff&stuff

    Harvest some seeds

    Hi guys I harvest some seeds from autoflower critical purple that I pollinated with a male purple fusion the seeds are ok some green some white but most brown with tiger stripes or dots. Will the beans be female auto? or will it turn to photo? when can I use the seeds to they need a trying time...
  3. K.puff&stuff

    About seeds

    Hi guys wanted to ask about pollination. I have 2 auto purple critical that i pollinated with a male purple fusion. i got seeds man growing :) when will they be ready do they just turn brown or do they stay green then turn brown? just need little guidance on whats the next step to harvest the...
  4. K.puff&stuff

    Good strain for depression anxiety

    Hi guys im suffering from high anxiety and depression. I trid different strain still haven found one. Anyone have a idea on a good strain to help fight this shit. My strain crown royals and purple critical . I made rso with it and i find after a week of taking my gummies i loose it i get down...
  5. K.puff&stuff

    My Purple Critical

    Hi guys well i decided its time to clean up a few critical that are ready to harvest This is the first time with this strain so i never seen buds this color before not much sugar . they say this plant can hold up to 27 percent THC I DOUGHT IT Anyways anyone else played with this strain before
  6. K.puff&stuff

    Revert back to veg

    Hi guys if my plant is going into flower but i want to user her for cloning can i just put the light back on her at 18 6 for her to revert back to veg :)
  7. K.puff&stuff

    Browning buds

    Hi guys i went to took look at my girls asnd notice 2 girls the colas are turning brown i have never seen this before not sure if plant is got mold on it but Anyways are they ready to harvest there auto and there are in there 11 week. Some have turn purple some still green. Anyone with...
  8. K.puff&stuff

    Critical Purple Auto Fem

    Hi guys first time Auto grower here. Few questions I notice my plant aren't as full as I wish them to be . They are 7 weeks old from seeds. They look nice not thick enough. Is this what auto plants look like? I know I have 6 weeks to go before harvest but these popcorn buds are a disappointment...
  9. K.puff&stuff

    Interesting grow using coco and promix

    Hi guys i'm growing a sativa strain all in promix and 3 in coco they are all fed at the same time. They are all flushed at the same time. My nutrient in platinum edition from CYCO. My plants are in my green house i had to take them out of grown room they are getting tall and the lights would...
  10. K.puff&stuff

    Laughing Buddha

    To start this journal i will say what ive used as far. 10 seedling female laughing buddha. This strain is sativa from Barney's Farm that grows fast and tall. An earthy cross between Thai and Jamaican strains with a sweet, fruity smell that is broken up by hints of spice and provides a rich...
  11. K.puff&stuff

    Crown Royal finished product

    Well my Crow Royal has turn out ok. Thought i would have harvest more but got little over 3 pounds. I made gummies bears and over 100 grams hash and tincture some oil . with ice water :):peace::Namaste:
  12. K.puff&stuff

    A question on auto seeds

    Hi guys I have 27 auto that poped out 30. Not bad. The strain in Critical Purple. Now my nursery light is on its a 2x4 noen grow light. I will be transplanting the girls into 3 gallon pots for there permanent home and will put them into grow tent with my other girls that are 12 weeks old. The...
  13. K.puff&stuff

    Boveda packs

    Hi guys anyone using Boveda packs if so whats the best you find 69% percent 62% I would store my harvest in a few mason jars but would like to know the size of jars and what percent Boveda pack you using for best results. I hope you guys understand what I'm asking Thanks
  14. K.puff&stuff

    Question about harvest

    Hi guys I was reading up on my strain Crown Royal the flower period is 9 weeks I'm on the middle of 8 weeks. I would like to flush plants tomorrow. Do I do this only once?. I also was reading that some folks like to put the plant under 0 light for 4 days with no watering just in a black out...
  15. K.puff&stuff

    Clones when is a good time on auto seeds plants

    Hi guys I never cloned an auto plant before only fem seed plants. when is it a good time to start taking branches from an auto seed plant to start cloning since the plant only takes 12 weeks from seeds to harvest. what the time line I have before its to late.?:Namaste:
  16. K.puff&stuff

    Pollen - Where is it?

    Hi guys well the plant that I used tiera myst seem to have pollen sacs but a few opened and no pollen I have a few pictures maybe someone can explain to me about this part I never done collecting pollen before
  17. K.puff&stuff

    Soil mix auto seeds

    Hi guys i'm going to be starting a set of auto and i use ready mix soil like promix. i never grew auto before just fem seed but this time i decided on auto for a faster turn around. I need info on soil mix. If my promix says not to feed plants for 3 month what do I do i don't use other soil but...
  18. K.puff&stuff

    Pot size once again

    Hi guys wondering if a 3 gallon pot size will be ok for auto plants
  19. K.puff&stuff

    Another question about auto seeds

    Hi guys I wanted to ask if you have pollen from a female strain and the strain is not auto can I use this pollen to pollinate an autos train? If so will the seeds be auto or just fem seeds
  20. K.puff&stuff

    Browning Buds

    High guys i'm 7 weeks into flower and i'm noticing my buds and colas are Browning can anyone tell me if i'm looking at loosing my grow . There all like turning brown color. There very sticky they seem to be growing but this brown pestiles I dont know
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