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  1. veinz

    Light cycles

    Is anyone using 24/12 cycle and if so Is it worth it :thanks:
  2. veinz

    Auto transplant

    is it ok to transplant autoflowers one time from little 9*9*10cm pot to greenhouse??
  3. veinz

    DIY 1 clone cloner for people with less space

    what some people make when they are :tokin: easy for making a new mother, and you can spray them from above when you screw the cap off:17: :thanks:
  4. veinz

    Pollination of the runt

    this ones for you emilya:3: i pollinated the runt 'good one' i'll keep you posted the runt is no name medical seeds may i say the rest 9/10 went great so plus one for the seed breeder the pollen i got from a girlfriend who said it was kind of sativa leaved and i put straight into...
  5. veinz

    Never thought of doing this

    36, grower,smoker, father of 2, liking this forum very much and all the people on it :Love: eager to start a new journal but short of a good camera at the moment and just saying :woohoo: and:thanks:for.... never thought of doing this
  6. veinz


    is there anybody who's got good pictures, blueprints, links of electric control panels/boards??? diy??? i'm making my own and curious:Namaste:
  7. veinz


    here we go again :28: just got back from holiday and look what i brought with me :drool: i also said i would build new room well i did the room is 80*130*170 sorts me better than tent but who am i:smokin2: i'm not gonna do it like before :laugh2: gonna let them veg for 3...
  8. veinz

    Little Experiment

    little experiment first journal!!!!! from germination to .... day by day pictures i'll try :Love::Love::Love: little nervous srry for my english and writing but whatever Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? master kush nirvana seeds Is it in Veg or Flower stage? 4 days veg then...
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