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    2 x WWxBB, Led and CFL's, SCROG

    Hi, all! I'm doing it again- making the journal! Although not from scratch. Only the exciting part- the flowering! :D "Executive Overview"- Strain: White Widow x Big Bud from femaleseeds.nl. Both seeds germinated, both are female. Currently (Jan 4.) it is in Day 65 from seed and...
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    C99 - Soil - SCROG - Hopefully

    Bit background- this is my 4th grow, but first on LED, previous were on T8 CFL tubes and was simple "bush" grows. What i wanted to do this time is do SCROG and do it full LED (because of heat/ventilation, noise and low yield with T8 issues). Main reason why i'm doing this blog, because when...
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