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    Ill Effects after smokin'

    I was just wondering what ill effects people get from marijuana after smoking it. Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to it? What are your analysis on the occurance? ME personally, I think that whatever you have floatin around in your body/system/head WILL effect your high. Such examples...
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    Obama is against Marijuanna ...

    Through all the signs of hope and change, Obama has decided to destroy ours. He promised to change those laws, but reutters in this video given below that HE DOESN'T SUPPORT MARIJUANNA REFORM. YouTube - Obama's Marijuana Mistake Followed By Harvard Professor & Ron Paul 3/26/2009 Great...
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    general smokin

    Has anyone noticed how the smoke you exhale has a light blue tint to it? I have carefully observed this many times, and have came to the conclusion that it is the blueish tinted smoke you exhale that contains that green goodness in it. It came upon me when i was hot boxing a car with some...
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    QUESTION? About ... eyes

    Does pot consumption cause red eyes? Does it vary from person to person? Is coughing the main factor in getting red eyes? What if I vaporized, w/out coughing, would that give me less chances at getting red eyes?
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    I met Gabe Nevins ... (Paranoid Park lead actor)

    I was hanging at my friends cousin's(mark*) house and met that fool. I live in clackamas oregon, but Gabe Nevins went to Putnam. Then mark called him up, and he started telling us about how he went nutty(crazy, insane). He had also made some crazy deals (pot dealing). Then he came over, but i...
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    Storing Lids?

    When you store pot in glass jars with rubber sealed lids, do u need to replace the lids? I'm just storing it in there, but does the seal wear or become useless after a while of storage?
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    Marijuana Myth?

    Did Harry J. Anslinger destroy University studies about weed when he was planning on making it illegal?? If he did, when did he do it and how many reports did he destroy?
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