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    Seedlings and watering

    Watering seedlings ??? Hi need a little help.. This is my first time with seeds - The seedlings are about an inch now - in soil B2 - in a 4X6" pots - under a T5 4X8 veg lights - We are afraid to water too much or not enough ...afraid to loose them.. Any guidelines as too amount of water -...
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    Best strains for outdoor - Oregon

    Hello All - I am looking for a reliable strain to grow outdoor in Oregon - that will produce high yields, and dense buds - I grow entirely organic - I have grown Blue dream- (Large plant but did not dense up-), Diesel (not high performance) - Is it true that Sativa will dense less than an...
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    True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana by REV

    Hello - I am about to purchase this book- ( the new one, 2016 - 2nd edition) It has both praises ( good info) and bad ( too complicated) reviews - {.."he has truly changed my life and how i garden..."} {.."common knowledge used throughout history in the organic gardening of...
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