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  1. Hydroholic

    Fabric pot stands & watering blocks

    I am looking for recommendations for stands to place 7gallon fabric pots on to water. Also looking to automate my soil watering as evenly as possible. I don’t need pumps and such but more something that just sits on top and distributes water evenly.
  2. Hydroholic

    Photos won’t upload from mobile

    When I go to attach files-photos-choose photos-done they don’t transfer to the thread.
  3. Hydroholic

    Hydroholic's House Of Colas

    Seeds: 1 northern light,2 dark devil,2 Jack Hammer,3 Daiquiri Lime, 1 Strawberry Cheesecake Equipment: Iponics 600(total control),6”CloudLine,Fans (many),Dehumidifier(big),Blue Labs Guardian,5x5 Tent(the one with the gorilla) Lighting: Timber Fatty VS Medium: Dirti Martini Soil in 3 gallon...
  4. Hydroholic

    Our First Shake At Autoflowers: Soil, Timber Lighting

    Space:5x5 Tent Seeds: Auto Flowering-Amnesia Haze,Pineapple Haze,Chocolope,Jack Herrer. Medium:Dirty Martini Soil,3 gallon Plastic Pots,2 gallon fabric pots. Nutrients:Cyco Swell for Flower,RO water Lights: Timber Fatty VS Enviromental: Iponics Controller,Fans,Dehumidifier Last night...
  5. Hydroholic

    So many options, so little time: please help

    I am about 3 weeks away from finishing up a grow In FF and Happy Frog. I have to make a decision and so I thought I would ask for help in deciding how to proceed. 5x5 tent,Timber Fatty COB’s. Iponics controller,Dehumidifier,RO water. The dilemma: 15 auto seeds total. 5 different strains 3...
  6. Hydroholic

    LSD, Lemon Jack, OG Kush, Timber Lighting, Fox Farms

    Strain: LSD,Lemon Jack,OG Kush Medium:Fox Farms Soil Nutrients: AN Sensi grow/ plus all the other additives in AN line. Lighting: Timber Fatty VS Water:ROPU/Well water Tent: 5x5 Stage:Flower 13/11 lighting I started this journal late in the process but I believe the most important phase. We...
  7. Hydroholic

    Another New Person

    Been lurking in the shadows for awhile and now it’s time to get going. New to growing but have learned lots from this site. I plan on learning lots more.
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