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  1. Agemon

    Auto Purple Amnesia: Short Stuff Seeds, Dope Seeds

    Grow Review ~ Here's a link to the grow journal I made. Got my seeds from Dope Seeds and dropped one in the glass. A couple few days later I had a sprout, three weeks later she threw pistils and we were off too the races! I have a 5500K QB kit. A simple 6" inline fan used like a cold air...
  2. Agemon

    Northern Lights: Dope Seeds

    Smoke Report ~ DUDE!!! 6.4 ounces?? Are you kidding me?!?!?! Yeah, that's the Northern Lights from Dope Seeds. For all my mistakes, errors, accidents, and bone headed decisions I'm stoked with that yield. Let's get right to it. I remember when I was in college and I scored a nice bag of...
  3. Agemon

    Dope Seeds: Purple Amnesia Auto

    You like to grow autos? You looking for a fun and exciting way to add a new element to your garden? Autos are awesome!!!! I just got this Purple Amnesia Auto from Dope Seeds. These seeds were an accepted substitution from Dope Seeds in place of another strain. I've grown a couple/ few of the...
  4. Agemon

    Agemon: Berry Bomb, Bomb Seeds

    :51: Smoke Report ~ "Man that was smooth..." I kept the b in the deep freeze with some cubes while I mixed up the nutes. I loaded her up and took two rips, snap! woooooooooooooooooooooo... I'm pretty baked right now, this weed smells so good in the jar too. It's got this nice dank scent...
  5. Agemon

    Agemon's Kush Auto By Seedsman

    Smoke Report ~ I fired up bowl of this Kush Auto just before I sat down to write this up. I've been sittin her for at leat 45 minutes doin nothing but surf around grabbing links and writing. I actually did the strain report first. I'm HAF!!!! I really like this strain, it's a great smoke and...
  6. Agemon

    Train Wreck Auto

    Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out some Train Wreck Auto. I picked up these seeds in one of the contest wins, I was excited to see what they could do in just a small container. I dropped one seed in the cup and she germinated pretty quick, I think she was outta the dirt in 3-4 days. I...
  7. Agemon

    QB-5000K Build & Review: 1260 Blurple To 5000k QB's

    You thinkin bout gettin some Quantum Boards (QB's), maybe picking up a kit to build it yourself? I was unsure, but decided I could figure it out, and I ordered a 260 watt QB kit with the corresponding driver. I carefully opened my lights and found the pictures with the instructions easy to...
  8. Agemon

    Agemon Grows Auto In Coco

    Wazzzaaah!!!! And welcome to a new grow journal. I'm trying something new this time and really hoping y'all can help me out! I've never done a coco grow before so I'm learning while I grow. I've been poking around and asking questions but the seed has been sowed. Here's what I've got going...
  9. Agemon

    Ultra Lemon Haze: Auto Seeds

    WOW!!!! Great Strain!!! Easy to grow!! Stoney! Ok, now for the details. I won these seeds from Auto Seeds and although it took some doing I did get my seeds. I took a 3 week vacay to clean the tents and get rid of some unwanted pests. Upon start up I popped 3 strains and the Ultra Lemon...
  10. Agemon

    Quiet exhaust fan needed

    What's up everybody? I've been painting my house and enjoying my family, I hope you're all well! Anybody have a recommendation for a quiet exhaust fan that can move at least 150 cfm?
  11. Agemon

    Blue Berry By Crop King Seeds

    The first seeds I ever ordered were these Regular Blue Berry Seeds from Crop King Seeds. I ordered them back toward the end of July 2017, I think. Anyhow I got around to growing a few. The first two were for a Red Solo Cup Journal, I ended up seeding one and keeping the other clean for a nice...
  12. Agemon

    Haze Extreme By Crop King Seeds

    I enjoyed growing this plant she was a great pheno! I fed her too much and burned her up, so take your time with her. The buds are super stoney and energetic too. I vaped it using the Kind Pen from Tru Va, it's an herbal vaporizer. The first hit on the green setting is full of flavor and if...
  13. Agemon

    Stress Free Transplant - Up Potting

    I remember doing transplants and being worried about when, how, where, etc. I didn't want to damage the plant or even stress it out. I've grown on and off through out my life. Years later I've kinda just started doing it this way and I don't remember every being taught or told to do it this...
  14. Agemon

    Some Leaf Discoloration

    I've got some issues going on with one of my plants. Strain - 818 Headband Hybrid 60/40 40 days into flower Indoor grow Medium is soil, I'm using Happy Frog, 15 gallon container 1245 watts of LED Power, 2x 600 LED, and one 45 watt LED I have a dedicated A/C unit, tent stays between...
  15. Agemon

    818 Headband AKA Sour OG

    Strain Name - 818 Headband / Sour OG From - I grew this as a clone from a local grower. My garden is currently all plants made from that same clone. When I most recently harvested mid June of 2017. I've currently got two more in flower. Price I don't know what the going rate is, for...
  16. Agemon

    The Emerald City

    Greetings and salutations, welcome to my perpetual grow journal! I appreciate you swinging by to stay high! I've got plants in every mode going right now, so let me just give you a little background. First off all my plants are Sour OG, I picked up some clones a few months ago and just...
  17. Agemon

    The WeedBonsai - First Time LST

    This is my first full grow using LST. Her name is Jane and she is a mother of 8. I'll be moving her under the LED's on Sunday. Until then she is under my T12's. I transplanted her yesterday.
  18. Agemon

    The Red Cup!

    For those of you looking to join in, follow along, or just chime in, we are headed for maximum yield in a not so standard container. We are using clones in 18 oz solo cups with no more than 4 drainage holes, your soil of choice, your nutrients of choice, your strain of choice. We are going to...
  19. Agemon

    What the hell?

    Indoor clones in Happy Frog soil. I just switched to 600 watt LED yesterday. Temp is staying around 78-80 degrees. I flushed about 2 days ago. Doing LST for about 3 weeks now. Aside from this issue the plants have had no issues. Last feeding I gave a regular dose of Flora Nova Grow...
  20. Agemon

    What would you do?

    I have two questions. Well I have two questions at this moment... 1. I have 3 clones, SuperWoman, Woman, Young adolescent. They seem stable in their growth rate. All on the same feeding/ watering schedule all getting the same stuff. What would you do? 2. I'm looking at two different LED...
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