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    Stretching seedlings from too much light?

    As subject states, and a follow up from advice on my other thread. Could my seedlings be stretching because of light stress rather than a lack of light? I got a 120w light that I ran at 18ish inches. However I lowered it since I started seeing the stretch at first. Now they’re around 12inches...
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    LED light busted: Seedlings lost 4 hours of light

    I've probably flooded the forums with my newbie questions, but appreciate everyone's helpfulness so far. Something unexpected happened, as title states. While adjusting my grow light (Samsung Quantum Board) the connector snapped off the soldering points. Couldn't have happened at a worse time...
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    Concerns about damping off

    Had another post to check the germ of my seeds. Currently both of my seeds germed but worried one is suffering from damping off. Being a newbie I feel I overwatered the first( other members noted this as well based on photos). Just wanna check if my current seedling is suffering from that...
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    Germination in soil questions

    Few questions bout my current grow. Im germinating two autos in their final containers in my tent. Problem is i worry i havent faciliated the process well. My temps have been averaging around 21-23. And recently, in an attempt to heat up the tent i accidentally spiked it all the way to 30...
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    Terrapin's Soil Gorilla Glue Auto Grow Journal- 2020

    Introduction First time poster and grower. After lurking for a good while decided to give a shot at cultivating my own. Decided to choose the GG#4 autos given its apparent easy of growing and relatively quicker harvest times. My goal is to successfully produce fruit and cultivate a healthy...
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    Exhaust in right position?

    Hi there 420mag, Long time lurker, first time poster. Decided to setup a grow using passive air intake nudged on by the power of the exhaust. Only problem is, I worry I placed my exhaust fan in the wrong place. Currently my exhaust is positione above the intake air hole side of my tent...
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