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  1. Tylowb

    Tylow's Critical Jack x PA Purple Auto Fem, Soil Grow!

    Second grow ever!!! First auto grow! Excited about that. What I'm using: 2x2x4 grow tent 300w led light Will be using happy frog once seed has germinated. For nutes I'm using the fox farm trio and distilled water. (Calmag as well) Just got the seed today so I put her in a glass of...
  2. Tylowb

    First Grow, CFL, Closet Grow

    Found a seed that looked great poped it in a paper towel and didn't think it would do anything. Well the lil root came out and I was not prepared at all so I gotta 1000 lm cfl and a two liter cut in half as my pot. I also got a little fan and some regular $2.99 soil. I put her in and the next...
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