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  1. DarionOzb

    Is The Flowering Period Always 12 weeks?

    Sup everyone , still new to growing and I’m a little confused on how the flowering period works. I’m growing Bruce Banner and I’ve had them on veg for about 4-5 months. Leafly and other websites say that this strain flowed in 8-10 weeks. And sometimes to harvest a little early for better...
  2. DarionOzb

    Why’s this so hard?

    I thought growing weed would be relatively easy but the more I grow the more I realize how difficult and annoying this can be. You’d think something that can grow in the Afghan deserts without human contact wouldn’t be so damn picky, but they are. I dont know if I should just stop growing or...
  3. DarionOzb

    To defoliate, or not defoliate? That is the question

    Sup everyone? Hope everyone’s doing alright nd stayin safe Here’s a little update on my last post, sorry it took so long. Im about 3 weeks into flower I believe , and I was jw if I should defoliate or not? I know my lighting is horrible, sorry about tht. Trying to save for another one of what I...
  4. DarionOzb

    Did 12-12 ruin my grow?

    Hey everyone! Just gonna cut to the chase here... New to growing, ive only done 2 runs since march of 2019. First run yielded 14grams, second one 1oz. I think I mightve misunderstood something along the way of learning how to do this by myself. Everytime someone said, "to initiate the...
  5. DarionOzb

    How do I save these plants?

    Hey guys, hope I can get some help with this. About 2 weeks ago i started noticing some slow growth on these ladies after a very healthy and rapid 4 months of veg. This is my first time vegging past the 8/10 week mark, and I was trying to grow them out as long as I could. The slow growth...
  6. DarionOzb

    Any idea what strain this might be?

    Hello everyone! I have a plant here that Ive grown from seed and I have no idea what it is. I know for the most part, strain names are just kind of thrown into the wind. But i do know there are legit og strains out there that started it all. Im jw if anyone may have a keen eye for naming...
  7. DarionOzb

    Timing the Flowering Cycle

    Hello everyone, I have a question about timing the flowering cycle. You know how dog years is different then human years? Does the flowering cycle kind of work like that? Like, is 8 weeks for us, 8 weeks for the plant? ( hopefully that makes sense) For more detail heres what im dealing with...
  8. DarionOzb

    Water On Bud And Sugar Leaves

    Hello everyone. Im flushing my plants right now and I accidentally hit the shower faucet and some water came out of the shower head onto my plant. It got all over the sugar leaves and bud. Not a lot. But enough to make me worry. It literally just happened like 30 seconds ago. Just...
  9. DarionOzb

    Germination Emergency: Help!

    Hello everyone. About 18 hours ago i put some seeds in a Jiffy container to start the germination process. I didnt use a glass this time simply because I didnt think it mattered...boy was I wrong. Just looked into the Jiffy container and all over the water was evaporated. I have no idea how...
  10. DarionOzb

    How Many Watts Am I Actually Using?

    Hello everyone. I was just curious about how many watts Im actually getting out of my Gixer LED light. It says its 600w, with blue and red lights. But it only has two switches for the light settings. One for Bloom and one for Veg. During Veg I rocked both just to get the most light. But now...
  11. DarionOzb

    Do I need Nitrogen and Cal-Mag?

    Hi guys Im a new grower and I recently just entered week 2of the flowering stage with my one and only plant that made it out of the 4 I planted :( Unfourtanetly shes the one Ive caused the most damage to as well... From dropping her as a seedling, to breaking branches during early and late...
  12. DarionOzb

    This is a male plant, isn't it?

    Hi Guys new grower...plants started flowering recently.... Trying to see if this ones a male.... Imma be so heart broken if it is... :( :( :(
  13. DarionOzb

    Is something wrong with my seedlings?

    Hi guys! New grower here...sstartup 2 more plants about a month ago now. They are showing weird signs though. One was first yellowing up and dying but i waa able to save it by repotting it and water (left in bigger pot) but still seems to be a litle yellow. And the other one (right in smaller...
  14. DarionOzb

    Is My Plant Okay?

    Hi Guys! Im a new grower and I recently changed my light sched to 12/12 to start flowering. I turned them off for 36 hours on Nov 30th and turned them back on to begin the cycle on Dec 2nd. Im noticing that the plants havent rly grown or changed very much since the new light schedule, and I...
  15. DarionOzb

    Seedling Transplanting

    Hi guys. Im a new grower and I started these seeds a couple weeks ago. I just happened to look at the cup and see the roots are growing like crazy. Does this mean its time to transplant them? Also, I noticed they are getting a little yellow on some of the leaves. What does this mean? Nute...
  16. DarionOzb

    Best way for water runoff for indoor grow?

    Hi Guys Im a new grower and Ive recently been concerned about the bottom of my pots holding my cannabis plants. I dont have water trays under them, because in the youtube videos i watched when i was first starting out, didnt tell me i needed them. But anyways Ive recently just been thinking...
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