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  1. Optimus913

    Late finish

    And I am covering everything from 8pm to 8 am, Vancouver island is notorious for finishing late, give them a head start.
  2. Optimus913

    Thorsberry Blue Berry Dragon Fire

    Bought these from Strainly, it said they have the most THCV I was able to find. Had a percentage of 2, most had 0.7%. The youngest I have in my CMH tent, other 2 in my 24hr LED tent.
  3. Optimus913

    C02 without a bag

    Got one of my autowaterers to drop 15seconds of vinegar a day in a half full can of baking soda. Just testing it out it made quite the reaction. Got a good fan in there circulating it.
  4. Optimus913

    Has anyone ever tried

    Monster Cropping?
  5. Optimus913

    Fermented juice

    @irie lion told me that guys in South Africa were using fermented juice for flavoring bud. I realized, fermented juice is just juice pumped with C02! You could ferment in your grow space and when flowering start feeding some liquid C02!
  6. Optimus913

    Blue Dream Clone

    Don't know much about her but she is a bit more mellow smoke.
  7. Optimus913

    Fermentation lids

    I am buying some for my Mason jars for fermenting some pineapple juice to feed to my Maui Waui's in the last week of flowering. Got me thinking, could you use these to cure? They allow co2 to escape and oxygen not to enter so you don't have to burp? Seems too good to be true...
  8. Optimus913

    BCBD Tuna God: Freebies

    Just put 3 in peat pellets.
  9. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

  10. Optimus913

    The Mystery Of The Frozen Afghan Kush

    So I put my Kush into twelve hour for about a week. Then, changed my mind and put her outside in the greenhouse for about a month. She stayed looking just the same the whole time. Now, outside another month, and although not growing up, she's growing out.
  11. Optimus913

    Nice view

  12. Optimus913

    Unknown Genetics

    My guy who sells me some of the killerest herb every now and then gave me some seeds, said he thought they were a CBD strain but may be Kushberry. Planted 8, got 8 seedlings. Planted one in my stump pot, fit over 5g of dirt.
  13. Optimus913

    Peyote Gorilla

    Just placed in peat pellets. GENETICS Gorilla Glue #4 (Chem Sister x Chocolate Diesel) x Peyote Purple (Bubba Kush purple pheno) VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod SEX Feminised YIELD Indoor: 450-600 g/m2; Outdoor: 1500 gr/m2 PLANT HEIGHT 80-160 cm GROWS Indoors...
  14. Optimus913

    Bruce Banger!

    4 seeds planted, 4 sprouted. Love seedsman. Pictures to come.
  15. Optimus913

    Maui Wowee!

    Just seedlings now but I have 4 feminized going outdoors.
  16. Optimus913

    Vancouver Island, the Hawaii of Canada

    Hi, I'm a disabled stay at home Dad who now has a shop with two tents, 1 with LED, 1 with CMH. LED for seedlings and clones, CMH for real growth! With the outdoor season upon us my greenhouse is full.
  17. Optimus913

    Seedsman rocks!

    Out of 7 seeds planted I got 100% germination! My Hawaiian grow journal is next.
  18. Optimus913

    King Kong!

    When it starts to get really hot outside this little beauty will be moved.
  19. Optimus913

    At Almost 4 Weeks Old

    I have created a monster... bush It's called Black wine, and it grows crazy fast, seeds popped overnight. Responded well to topping it about 6 times. Have the CMH at full distance now to force the stretch and get rid of canoeing.
  20. Optimus913

    Wind Storm

    How can one tell if a CMH bulb is burnt out? During a storm our power slipped on and off a few times and when it came back on my ceramic light wouldn't work. Now question is, is it the bulb or the ballast?
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