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  1. yoda toke

    Snake Oil

    Some Trichomes from week 8 Snake Oil in soil.
  2. yoda toke

    Growing Indoors Versus Outdoors

    I am a fairly new patient (3 month's) My wife does not want me to grow in the house because of the smell. I understand that, when we visit my brother's house it smells like weed all the time. In Michigan the laws are strict about growing outdoors. It has to be basically locked up. But I have a...
  3. yoda toke

    New Patient in Michigan

    Former stoner from Battle Creek Michigan now living in the Ann Arbor area (Ypsi Twp). Gave up toking back in 1984 but am now using medicinally. It was a very strange experience going into the dispensary the first time. Anyway, I love to garden and will be adding a new bed to the garden this...
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