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  1. CrazyChef

    Made Some Dry Ice Hash Today

    Made some dry ice hash today. Still have to roll it into balls or slabs.
  2. CrazyChef

    I've Never Smoked Scissor Hash Before

    But I'm FINALLY gonna try it tonight. I've only been growing for about a year and a half, but have collected about a gram and a half (I'm a small time grower) of scissor hash from my harvests. I think it's gonna be a good time...
  3. CrazyChef

    CrazyChef's Dark Devil Auto Grow - An Absolute Joy Into The Life Of An Autoflower Grow!

    Not sure how I'm gonna grow these girls yet (top them, FIM them, possibly ScrOG them), but I do know I'm gonna have an absolute BLAST growing them in one form or another! So... please join me on this wonderful escapade of cannajoy!
  4. CrazyChef

    Dark Devil Auto - Top/FIM/ScrOG Questions

    Hey! So, I have these DDA seeds: Does anyone have any experience with topping/fimming and scrogging them? I have a 4x8 tent to use, so if scrogging is an option for this strain, I'll have plenty of room. Thanks!
  5. CrazyChef

    Moving From Growing For Distribution To Growing For Fun

    So, my initial intent when I first started growing about a year and a half ago was for distribution, in whatever form that may be. But now, it's lost its "fun", and seems to have become a bit of a chore - like making the bed every day or doing the dishes. That's why I haven't posted a journal...
  6. CrazyChef

    RSO For Vaping

    Hey guys! I have a lot of trim (90% popcorn buds and sugar leaves) that I plan on turning into oil via the Everclear evaporation method. My question is, if I plan on using this oil solely for the purpose of vaping, do I need to decarb the trim first? Another question - is there a difference...
  7. CrazyChef

    Question About Phenotypes: One Strain, Two Different Looking Plants

    So I have two of "The White OG" from Seedsman growing right now. One has leaves that look (to me) to be Indica dominant, while the other seems Sativa dominant. Both came from the same seed pack. Both are 107 days old, 41 days since flip to 12/12. The website describes the strain as mostly...
  8. CrazyChef

    A Child's Garden Of Grass

    I had both the book and the album way back in the 70's.
  9. CrazyChef

    CrazyChef Grows Hexlines: 6 Strains, 6 LST Limbs Each

    Hey! So I'm back with another grow journal! As much as I'd love to keep this journal organized and tidy, I just haven't been able to do that with my previous journals. I'm too "flighty" I guess. At least that's what my mom used to say when I was a kid. :D At any rate, I'm gonna try going...
  10. CrazyChef

    Transplanting Woes?

    So I guess I waited a bit too long to transplant my girls from their Solo cups to their intermediate homes. 12 out of the 14 plants had excess roots coming out of the holes in the bottoms of the cups. The roots were keeping the plants and soil from coming out of the cups. The first one I...
  11. CrazyChef

    Got My Christmas Tree Up

  12. CrazyChef

    Hash Then RSO?

    So I have about a half pound of trim (popcorn buds and sugar leaves) set aside. Was gonna make either dry ice hash (in a 73 micron bag only) or RSO. But now I'm wondering if I can do both? What I'd like to try is just a single pass through the 73 micron bag, then re-use the trim to make RSO...
  13. CrazyChef

    Leaf Tips Turning White?

    So, a few of my girls have their leaf tips turning white. Any idea what is causing this? I have 4 strains going, and only the White Widow and Amnesia are affected. The Peyote WiFi and Blueberry gals are fine. Background: 55 days since sprouted (still in veg) Natural organic soil in 5 gallon...
  14. CrazyChef

    Question About Watering Young Plants

    So it's been 10 days since I moved the girls into their one gallon pots. I have yet to water them. I normally water my more mature plants when they start to droop, but don't think that's the case with girls this young. I know the root systems are still in their formative stage, so too much...
  15. CrazyChef

    CrazyChef Grows Quadlines: Peyote WiFi, White Widow, Blueberry, Amnesia

    Welp. time to start another journal! My other grow shout be ready to harvest in about 2 months, so I gotta get the veg tent full. I figure 2 months is enough time to get these girls quadlined and ready for the flower tent once it's available. So, what are we growing? 5X Peyote WiFi from the...
  16. CrazyChef

    Intentional Premature Harvest?

    I have a couple of OG Kush autos that are both at 94 days old, 56 days in flower. I'm thinking about harvesting one of them early (like, today) for the more racy, cerebral high. Then letting the other one mature to about 30% amber trichs. Here's the first one (the one I'm thinking of...
  17. CrazyChef

    Root Bound Autoflower

    So, I have an OG Kush autoflower that seems to me to be root bound. She's about 3-4 weeks from harvest (if I wait for 50% amber trichomes). From everything I've read, autos don't like to be transplanted... So, what do I do? Should I harvest her a bit early right before it becomes...
  18. CrazyChef

    First Attempt At Making Hash

    So I harvested my first plants a couple of weeks ago - Purple Skunk Mass. They still have a couple weeks left in the cure jars. But honestly, I think I overdried them. They had a grass/hay smell that has dissipated a bit, but it's still somewhat noticeable. At any rate, I decided to try to...
  19. CrazyChef

    Question About Hermie Seeds

    I have a feminized OG Kush auto plant that hermied on me, and I let it grow out a bit (far away from my other plants, of course). I'm curious - will the seeds be regular or feminized, and also will they be autos or photoperiods? Thanks in advance for your input!
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