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  1. knotspeeds88

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello and Welcome Michiganrules and all the other newbies on here, to 420.
  2. knotspeeds88


    Welcome to 420 Raggaeshark, I hope you enjoy all the benefits this site has to offer.
  3. knotspeeds88

    Outdoor Grow needs Help

    Re: Outdoor Grow needs Help... For anyone looking for they chart above here it it.... http://ww2.marijuanagrowing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/CannabisPoster4000.jpg you can even enlarge this chart!
  4. knotspeeds88

    Outdoor Grow needs Help

    Re: Outdoor Grow needs Help... I agree that it is a sulfur issue. OldGrower where did you get that chart??? Thank you all for your help...that is what I love about this site, you have a problem, everyone comes and helps out...thanks again.
  5. knotspeeds88

    Outdoor Grow needs Help

    Re: Outdoor Grow needs Help... Thanks Fuzzy Duck, I will check that right now...
  6. knotspeeds88

    Outdoor Grow needs Help

    I have to many plants in my tents so I stuck one Big Bud plant outdoors. It was doing alright until this morning when I went to check on it I found this...any ideals on what it is???? Thanks for any help that you can provide.
  7. what is wrong with this plant?

    what is wrong with this plant?

  8. knotspeeds88

    New Crop King Seed Grow - White Widow - Purple Kush - Green Crack - Crown Royale

    Count me in...I'm hang'n on for the ride folks.
  9. knotspeeds88

    Purple Kush Auto - 150W HPS - First Grow

    And is how you grow sweet organic cannabis! I am alone for the ride, those are some pretty little babes you have there.
  10. knotspeeds88

    Mr Am4zin's Attempt At Fluxing A Monster - And A Few Side Projects

    Hello peps! I guess I will see what is going on in here and tag along.
  11. knotspeeds88

    Slang and Grammar

  12. knotspeeds88

    Max's First Grow - Soil - LED - Painkiller XL

    Nice harvest there Max
  13. knotspeeds88

    2000 Watt - 69 Plants

    I am on board...will be watching.
  14. knotspeeds88

    What's happening with my girl?

    Are the leaves curving downward or arched or are they standing out flat and straight? I see purple stalks in there and that could be a sign of a magnesium deficiency...just another possibility.
  15. knotspeeds88

    Bananas? Calyxes? UFO's? Or something else?

    Wow...I am going to have to stay tuned for this one as well. I have no ideal!!!
  16. knotspeeds88

    In Need Of Urgent Help!

    Can you get a picture of the problem and post it?
  17. knotspeeds88

    In Need Of Urgent Help!

    Also put some aluminum foil around the stalk of the plant if it is outside...it my be cut worms and the can cut it down in one night! Bad news if it is cut worms...if you live up north you may not have them but in my area we do.
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