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  1. schomegrown

    SourSeedCo's - Bubbas Inferno

    Hello everyone! So I am starting this journal a little late. I am in week 4 of veg. Day 1 was July 11th. I am growing in soil under a 180 watt full spectrum LED in a 3'x3'x4' cabinet. I am running a 16/8 light schedule. Just wanted to experiment with a little longer rest time. I topped and...
  2. schomegrown

    LemonGarlicOG grow 630CMH - Need some opinions

    I am growing a Lemon Garlic OG from Humboldt Seed Organization. She is around day 35 of veg. She is soil grown under a DE- 630w CMH. Temp is running 84-86F in the room with humidity around 42-45%. I am feeding her with the fox far trio. My concern is how lightly colored her leaves are. Thought...
  3. schomegrown

    LED growers - Need help with white bulbs

    Hello all... I have a question about my LED that I use for a little closet grow. Was recently pruning my plant up and noticed 3 of my white bulbs are out. Does anyone know how I can repair it? Or even somewhere I can send it to have it repaired? Thanks in advance!
  4. schomegrown

    Anyone growing or familiar with CMH?

    So I recently won a DE-630watt CMH (Ceramic Metal Hilade). Just curious about what height my light should hang from top of plant.. Maybe what your thoughts are on CMH? Just some basic knowledge. I know this is a relatively new light and I am finding little info.
  5. schomegrown

    Unknown Strain Week 7 Flowering

    This is a clone I got from my buddy. I have her under a 280 Watt LED. She smells so fruity! Sent from my LGLS775 using 420 Magazine Mobile App
  6. schomegrown

    HydroFarm 250/400/600/100 HPS Hood

    Hello all, I recently purchased a HydroFarm 250/400/600/1000 watt HPS Hood. I am still waiting for it to arrive but wanted to see if anyone had any experience growing with this hood? Also, what ballast pairs best with it? I want to start out with just a 250 watt ballast as I am coming from...
  7. schomegrown

    Has anyone experimented with this type of LED?

    Ge Lighting LED 26W. I am thinking about giving them a try on my up coming grow. Would love to hear all comments and experiences.
  8. schomegrown

    Hello all back with new account

    Hello 420 family, Very glad to be back. Looking forward to getting a lot more great advice and helping as much as possible. Finally made my first seed order from Herbie's Head Shop. I ordered 1 Incredible Bulk feminized and 1 Cream of the Cash Crop Auto. Can't wait to get them, so be on the...
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