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  1. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Can't tell when to harvest!

    Ok so I'm two weeks from estimated earliest harvest date, but after plucking a few small under developed buds off and quick drying them for a friend to try( as I am on probation and cnt myself) My friend smokes quite a bit and said after only a few small hits off a stream roller he was...
  2. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Trimming, or taming question

    Ok here my info on the grow Bag seed of unknown origin or strain. Outdoor grow with only humus drain and light guano nute About 2-3 weeks into flower stage, topped into two main branches Growing in a 5 gal bucket with drainage hole in bottom, and air holes in sides. Question: I...
  3. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Ok, here's my dilemma! I am a some what experienced grower and decided to start back after a few year jihadis. Of the five bag seed plants I started the season with, with the sole purpose of testing a new site/area, two died of animal consumption, one got stunted by an unknown...
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