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    Growing Blueberry Auto - ILGM - & Purple Haze Auto - Soil LED 2017

    Contents: Strain: Blueberry Auto (ILGM) and Original Sensible Seeds Purple Haze Auto Blueberry: 15% Sativa and 85% Indica Purple Haze: 60% Sativa and 40% Indica (4 days younger than BlueB) Indoor Soil Grow : BIOBIZZ LIGHT MIX 10L + 1L Miracle Grow (each pot) Pots : 3 Gallon Smart Pot # of...
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    Is This A Calcium Deficiency? Newbie

    Hi guys/ gals, Here are the details so I don't waste your time reading :) *2 Plants - Blueberry Auto and Purple Haze Auto Using Bio Bizz Light Mix soil, 3 gallon smart pot, LED grow light, 60x60x160cm grow tent Temperature - 79-82F and Humidity - 57%-62% First watering - 5.6 PH table...
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