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    Question About Making Edibles - MMJ - Canna Oil

    So I read that the cannabis to oil ratio is apporx 1g to 1 oz oil. How true is this? Also, if I'm using 24 grams trim(high quality, full of trichs), and mixed with 20 oz oil; would this be sufficient? Thanks for all input in advance.
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    When to start super cropping / topping clones

    Hey everyone, I've been browsing the web for a couple hours now, reading about super cropping / topping, and my question is, how soon can you super crop a clone? Would it be a good idea to start with smaller (around 6-8" clones) or wait? The idea would be to make this a mother plant BTW (24 hr...
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    Question about temperature (1st grow)

    Hi, I have a 4x4x7 tent running a 600w digital ballast; carbon filter, and 6" fan. I'm currently running 12/12 for flowering. During the day (when light is on 12 off cycle) the temperature inside the tent is 78-80 degrees. When the light is on the temperature shoots up to 90 degrees. Is...
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    Greetings from Xibalba!

    Just joined the site, appears to be full of useful information. I joined this community to educate and be educated about growing cannabis. This is my very first time growing (anything besides wood, lol). I'm using a 4x4x7 tent, 600watt digital ballast, carbon filter; growing in m3 soil...
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    First Grow 3 Blue Dream - 2 Chem Dawg - Soil - Indoor Day 1

    First grow day 1 (4x4x7) tent i believe all clones were in veg for 1 month flowering time: 4 hrs (so far); cycle : 12 on 12 off Michigan made soil mix (3)Blue dream: sativa (dont know %) (2)Chem dawg: Indica (dont know %) 600 watt digital ballast Cool tube reflector 6" fan carbon...
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