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  1. The Dealer

    Guide to making Cannabis Gummy Bears with pics

    So heres my successful guide for making Cannabis Gummy Bears. What you'll need: 1/2 Cup Cold Water. One 3oz(85g) package of Jello. 4 packets of unflavored Gelatin. (The box I have pictured below came with 4 packets.) 1-3 teaspoons of Vegetable Glycerin. Cannabis Oil* (Amount is up to you. Read...
  2. The Dealer

    Cookies Kush

    Strain Review Cookies Kush by Barney's farm I must say I rarely have the words to properly describe and review a strain, and typically I don't do them. But this strain right here deserves one. So i've been smoking this strain non stop since its been harvested. I must say this one is top...
  3. The Dealer

    The Dealer's Choice - Mars Pro Cree256 & Cree128s Perpetual In High-Brix!

    :welcome: Space - Veg Tent - GL120 3'11''x3'11''x6'7'' Flower Tent - GL145 4'9''x4'9''x6'7'' Lights - Veg 4x 270watt GalaxyHydro UFO LEDs Bloom Mars Hydro Pro series Cree256 LED Mechanical timers Veg - 18/6 Bloom 12/12 Autos 20/4 Medium - 10 Gallon Smart pots with Doc Bud's High Brix...
  4. The Dealer

    The Emperor's New Grows - Mars Pro Series Cree256/Cree128 Perpetual In Coco!

    :welcome: Space - Veg Tent - GL120 3'11''x3'11''x6'7'' Flower Tent - GL145 4'9''x4'9''x6'7'' Autos Tent Custom PVC made tent 3'6"x3'6"x5' just for Autos Lights - Veg Mars Hydro Pro series Cree128 LED Bloom Mars Hydro Pro series Cree256 LED Autos 4x 270watt GalaxyHydro UFO LEDs Mechanical...
  5. The Dealer

    The Emperor's New Grows - Canad Goes Perpetual Indoors with Coco!

    :welcome: Space - Veg tent - GL120 3'11''x3'11''x6'7'' Flower tent - GL145 4'9''x4'9''x6'7'' Lights - Veg 400W MH Cool tube with Powersun Digital Ballast. Bloom 600W HPS Cool Tube with Powersun Digital Ballast Brinks Digital timer Veg - 18/6 Bloom 12/12 Medium - 10 Gallon Smart pot...
  6. The Dealer

    Making CannaButter Canad's way!

    I've been making butter for at least 15 years now, and it works like a charm each and every time. I'm no scientist or chemist, But I am a chef and cooking is my thing. Nothing like getting stoned and then making some epic meal to fulfill my munchies. So heres my recipe for success. Materials...
  7. The Dealer

    The Mighty Vaporizer

    The MIGHTY is a portable, battery powered and dynamic Vaporizer Due to the plus-/minus keys and the easily visible LED-display, the operation of the MIGHTY is self-explaining: As soon as the actual temperature corresponds to the individually adjustable set temperature, the device is ready for...
  8. The Dealer

    Canad's - Indoor - Coco - Crop King Seeds' Purple Kush - Flux Grow

    So this will be my first ever grow journal online. Always felt sketchy posting my business online, but the amount of info i've learned from this site and others has changed my mind. Hopefully sharing my experience will help someone as well as getting some helpful tips to continue improving my...
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