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  1. PTSD 4 ME

    PTSD's Bag Seed Extravaganza Take 2

    So finally I was able to make it out of the oil fields and back into civilization. This go I will be growing the second generation of the same plant I grew last time. I currently have 4 seeds germinated and growing and have 2 more that I am waiting on. Also there is another bag seed that I...
  2. PTSD 4 ME

    To harvest or not to harvest that is the question!

    So what do you guys think on this harvest window.... I have a move date of the 22nd give or take a day and need to have her cut and preferably atleast jarred. Looking for mostly thc but with a good cbd? level. This is as close as I can get. As of now a harvest date of the 18th which allows...
  3. PTSD 4 ME

    Effect On Potency With Seeds

    Beginning week 9 of budding. I took a small sample bud and found a single seed. Now this plant never hermied, and nor are there any males present due to this being a single plant. I began looking into it and I see that they will just pop seeds kind of randomly as a survival thing since it...
  4. PTSD 4 ME

    PTSD's - Unknown - 600W MH/HPS - Grow Journal

    Unknown Strain Espoma Organic Potting Mix 600W MH/ HPS LST to be used Well to start out here is a little background..... I myself am not a smoker and doing this for my wife more then anything. She found a seed in a great bag of what she figured was Sour Diesel so we will go with that as the...
  5. PTSD 4 ME

    Young plant growth halted leaves yellowing and drooping

    OK so to start, it is a unknown seed that I just randomly decided to start up. I have been a long time growing outdoors and what not but wanted to try indoor due to location and seasonal changes. I germinated the seed about 3 weeks ago and sprouted it in small pete cup. I wanted to use natural...
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