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    Should I keep or kill?

    Can you tell me if i should keep or kill this plant? This is my only plant that is like this on my bunch of 10. It doing slow bud with this thing under.
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    Is it a male?

    Is it a male? I found this in my tent this morning exactly 1 month after i start my grow room from seed, i have a plant that did this after missing electricity for a complete day
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    60 days flowering in 5 days - This is my last topic about this White Cookie growing

    It being 55 days into flowering stage for my white cookie. 60 days coming soon and im like a kid in a candyshop. 3 days ago i removed a small bud to taste it. Damn..WTH is that nasty feeling. that way too insane for me. This nasty buzz is so powerful. Btw, i never never smoke weed before in my...
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    Flush question - This is my setup in video

    Can you tell me if 16 degree celsius is too cold for cannabis plant? Only 10 days left so far before it does 60 days of flowering time on 12/12 timer. I did a video of my little setup Since i dont have a filter and a fan inside the grow tent. How many time should i flush per week? I...
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    What I did wrong - Newbie tip and help

    30 days into flowering and since a week, this thing is happenning. What mistake i did? I gave nute once a week like recommended and water is at 6.2 ph. 12/12 hour cycle it not affecting bottom of the plany but only the top.
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    Will it smell soon?

    Hi everyone, Easy question for pro grower. White Cookie growing Currently, im at 21 days into flowering and i have a little question that im worried about. I have 4 plants in a tent 4 X 4 X 80 in my garage. They are in a closed room that is 15 X 10 into that garage. My garage size is...
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    58 days old White Cookie - Need advice

    57 days today i plant my seed and they now look like this. On the sticker it was saying 60 days. Something i did wrong? I gave them water around 6.23 at ppm 713 every week. I fed them with nutes once every week with week 2 and 3 formula with week 3 over the 5 last week ( check picture ) I...
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    do they look good / do i need to prune?

    Hi, Someone can point me out if they my white cookie feminized looks fine for now please?. do i need to prune them? if yes, tell me what i need to remove please i took the picture this morning may 25 2017 and i plant the inital seed in water april 9 2017. They are 18 hours under 600 MH...
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    I've got a plant problem - Help me before they die please

    Can you tell me what is the problem with my plant. Only few leaf got this problem. It start last saturday.
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    White Cookie growing - They seem alright for a 2 weeks plant?

    Hello 420 Communities, I have some white cookie on the way. I started my plant 2 weeks ago and they look like this.( see picture below) I was wondering if they are normal / looking good or something is missing or looking wrong up to now? They are under a 600W MH and the light is open 18 hours...
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