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  1. Heraldo

    Atomizer for vape mod?

    My mod (aegis solo) has been sitting around since I got off nicotine. Anyone have any recommendations to put it to good use? I'd prefer something I can just throw herbs or concentrates in and let it rip, but I'm open to alternative options. :thanks:
  2. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Breeding Journal

    I'm starting this journal so I can document my breeding projects and stay on the right track. Anyone that wants to come along for the ride is welcome. Honestly I'm not working with the best genetics and don't have any ambition (or time, money, space, knowledge, etc :laugh2:) to make a business...
  3. Heraldo

    Quick dry with air fryer

    Anyone ever tried it? I'm guessing it'll be similar to using food dehydrators. I'll throw some in mine at 80ºC at harvest time unless someone confirms it's a total waste. Science!
  4. Heraldo

    Am I getting greedy with the bud sites?

    My girls had been on 12/12 for 14 days in those pics. They're in 5 gallon bags (realisticly it's probably 4 gallons of soil). I trained them kinda weird and I'm not sure it's worth keeping the lower bud sites in the middle areas. Any thoughts? -Heraldo
  5. Heraldo

    1 Purple Kush & 3 1/4 Somango

    I originally didn't plan on journaling this grow but they looked so cute in the flower tent I couldn't resist. Here's what's going on: Flipped the girls today. They're 40 days old and in 5gal pots. One of the somangos got severely injured during transplant. The tent is 1x1m and the...
  6. Heraldo

    Regular Autoflower seeds?

    Anyone know any reliable seed companies that make/sell regular autoflower seeds? Seems like most companies that sold them don't exist anymore. All I could find is Sensi's semi-auto strains and Emerald Triangle Seeds. There are some online shops that still have seeds from extinct companies in...
  7. Heraldo

    Heraldo Is In Over His Head

    I'm flowering in a 1x1m tent with a 260w quantum board and vegging in a 90x60cm tent with a 120w board. I tried to take on too many projects at once (a sort of perpetual and some small scale breeding) and it's a bit of a mess, but possibly not a total failure.. Flower tent: 6 plants...
  8. Heraldo

    Is this common?

    It's the first time i've come across a plant with so many leaftips so early. first true set of leaves had 7, next had 9, next 11. Just curious about how common it is.
  9. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Quantum Autos

    I've got 4 plants under a 260w quantum board and will be adding a few more to fill out some of the extra space. The girls are about a month old northern lights larry og x lemon haze red libanon
  10. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Final Blurple Grow

    I finally made the decision to go upgrade and go quantum, so blurple will be sitting in a corner waiting for side projects to work on. I'm guessing it'll take about a month until I get everything ordered and set up, so for now I have 4 autoflowers vegging under the soon to be replaced light...
  11. Heraldo

    Light for 3x2x3 veg tent?

    I originally intended to use T5s in this tent, but they're hard to find at a good price in my area, so I'm considering other options. Are there any LEDs I could fit in there more or less comfortably? Would a QB work if I kept it dimmed down?
  12. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Seedy Microjournal

    This is my first photoperiod run ever indoors. Did some selecting and ended up with 1 main girl in a 12L pot and 2 scrawny girls I kept around to make a few seeds. The bigger one is some unknown bagseed and the smaller ones are from a local dude that just grows outdoors naturally. Male is from...
  13. Heraldo

    1 big pot vs 3-4 small pots

    I've got 4 autoflowers in a 40x40cm tent and I'll be needing to transplant soon. My question is if anyone has any insight on what would produce a better yield in such a small space: 1 plant in a 12L pot or 4 in 5.5L pots. If I use all 4 I'd probably leave little to no side branchs, basically...
  14. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Auto Northern Light

    :welcome:After about a year of not posting on here I'm back with another journal. Maybe I even finish it this time... I've got 2 Auto Northern Light under a 150w LED (only veg switch on, so more like 75w for now) in a small tent (40x40x140cm) with an extraction fan connected to a carbon filter...
  15. Heraldo

    Autoflower Hunger Games By Heraldo

    After a failed first attempt at using LEDs I've gone back to the drawing board and come up with this: Autoflower Hunger Games Round 1: After a brief soaking, 12 autoflower strains will be put into soil (about 8oz cups) under a couple CFLs. The competitors that break soil before a week go...
  16. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Auto Mango Cream Microgrow

    Not much to report at the moment. I'm growing 1 mango cream autoflower in soil with CFLs. I'll be feeding BAC organic nutrients. She just broke soil. Nothing pic worthy for now.
  17. Heraldo

    Setup advice for Heraldo

    My current setup is an aerogarden with about 100w CFL in a 30x60x80cm (1x2x2.6 if you're more of a feet person) DIY closet. It can handle 1 plant and usually yields a bit under 1oz. Would upgrading to LED be worth my while? Nothing too fancy. I have my eye on a 150w light I could fit in the...
  18. Heraldo

    Spannabis 2017

    Someone opened a similar post a few months ago, but didn't seem to get any traction. Spannabis is almost here and I'm wondering if anyone on here is going? How foolish would it be for a nobody to go with the intention of job hunting or something like that? I'm guessing handing out resumes...
  19. Heraldo


    There doesn't seem to be much movement around this part of the forum but here goes... I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with cannabis social clubs in Spain (as a member or guest). I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any insight they could share on the inner workings of these clubs.
  20. Heraldo

    Heraldo Goes Frankenstein On An Aerogarden

    After not being able to complete my last journal this summer, I'm back with a new project: I took my old AG, took it apart and rebuilt it to use 4 normal bulbs and an external airpump. At the moment I've got about 100w of CFL, which is probably too much, considering it's for a week-old seedling...
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