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  1. Dani smoke

    Yield issues I could use some good help

    So basically I did 9 stardawg only In 5litre fabric pots due to room issues, I feed canna with moonshine some mycorrhizae here and there , I grow in 60/40coco, EC as been 1.6 max through out waters been goin in at 5.6/6.0, IV ran ph water every other week at 1/4 strength to try and ensure no ph...
  2. Dani smoke

    Light burn?

    Can anyone advice further , it's the first time me using the hlg 600h and I think I possibly burnt my leafs, I think light burn as the lower leafs or not affect to the top ones, pH was also a tad high at the root zone foods EC is 1.2 there 6 week into flower just , root ph is around 6 in the run...
  3. Dani smoke

    Can any one help, fibromalgia treatment

    Hi I'm going to keep this really basic as I'm far from an expert however with my own research from here i make my own cannabis oil, my method is ethanol frozen bid frozen qucik wash x2 filter, then double boil until most of the bigger bubbles have tapered down, aiming for maximum thc, but I'm...
  4. Dani smoke

    Can anyone further advise me

    Stardawg *6 6week into flower, on canna food so feeding to there chart recommendations, medium is in coco goldlabel60/40, feeding pH 5.8, as u will see there's burning, iv flushed with pH water at 5.8 and still don't seem to be picking up, as I said feeding with canna so this batch I mixed today...
  5. Dani smoke

    Males and pollination

    I had some bag seeds given, decided to crack em there now 3 week into flower 3 different strains, bubba Og, power plant and red Russian kush, one of the plants looks male to me il post the pics iv taken it away from the females in the grow tent and left it aside however, is it possibly for me to...
  6. Dani smoke

    LED help

    So, I'm off with a sog, just some bag seeds of red Russian kush and power plant, I'm currently using a 600watt hps, but it's costing far too much and since its not at my property I'm obliged to cut down power usage, il be purchasing a 320quantum board after the sog grow, however I'm wanting a...
  7. Dani smoke

    Cannabis concentrate

    So I did a quick wash batch of top end flower buds, evaporated alchol, syringed up the oil, I'm trying to figure how people then make this Enjoyable vape juice as I know many do, iv had wax liquidiser top brand off ebay its like smoking ass or at least I though it was imo, i got mango and can...
  8. Dani smoke

    Cannabis concentrate first run

    I seem to have aimed for and successfully made my first batch of cco, but I'm still wandering how do you know how much thc is actually in there since it's all now concentrated, I mixed 1 ml of the oil in 2ml wax liquidiser and its way too strong to vape and smells pure dank there no hiding...
  9. Dani smoke

    Better and back LSD 25 Auto

    So 2 week 4 days since sprout, lsd 25 along with a candy kush both autos I'm just a little concerned for the lsd the kush seems to be ahead although the lsd is tightly packed, lsd seems to look crinkled to me, in coco 60/40 there on canna vega start and rhizotonic ecs 0.6 watering maybe 200ml...
  10. Dani smoke

    Can anyone help

    These or 3 week old beleive it or not, in some new stuff called charged it's 70 Coco 30 perlite and mycorrhizae ect. Been under a 250 MH now under a 600mh feeding at .5 canna a n b ect there full feeding schedule, temps r good humiditys good it's white and like powder the leafs that or funny...
  11. Dani smoke

    Looks close to harvest to me

    What's everyone think not the best pictures but there as steady as my hands will go I'm affraid, 8week of flower the recommended time is 9/10 they look to me like maybe 1 more week to me but opinions are needed
  12. Dani smoke

    Bud issues close to chop

    Can anyone help lemon zkittle 7th week into flower on Saturday expected to be ready in the next 2 week goin on the trichomes under that mag, but there's 2 tips on the plant turning white? On the buds, temperatures or fine 25 rh 30 pH 5.8 good circulation, Google tells me it's good thing but I'm...
  13. Dani smoke

    Can anyone help

    All levels or in check what's wrong with the clones?
  14. Dani smoke

    EC issues

    Can anyone help again IV been feeding 3ml a and b moonshine 1 ml calmag 1.3ml she seems to be growing fine just the pale leafs at the top I tested my EC it's 2.2 coming out only 1.8 going in my pH is 5.8 going in but coming out 6.6, so I flushed with 0.4 EC food pH 5.5 literally 10 litres...
  15. Dani smoke

    Can anyone help

    Leaves or still very pale she's had cal mag through out the pH as been lowered from 6 to 5.8 a n b canna 2ml per litre, temperatures good humiditys good 26° 40%rh in Coco and perlite with a hps
  16. Dani smoke

    Cannabis concentrate vape

    So this will be my first run feel free to comment add advice ect, I'm going to be using rice cooker, induction hob pan strainers funnels jars ect, First off I'm going to be using buds I'm going to mix with 1 Oz only for the first run, I'm going to be freezing my bud my everclear, my jars my...
  17. Dani smoke

    My LST journey still a little concerned for her

    3 week Saturday she's been in flower canna a and b 2.5 per litre moonshine 1ml, calmag 1.3 ml hoping to stop the pale green foliar spray but still very pale green ph as been 6.0 through out I raised today to see if this helps it did when she was a seedlings having simlar issues now 6.2, the...
  18. Dani smoke

    Help please blue lab pH pen

    It calibrated 7 won't calibrate 4 though it's more hassle than its seems to be worth this pen? Its stored in solution all the time I jst can not get it to calibrate and my pants or hungry
  19. Dani smoke

    Does my plant look pale?

    2nd week of flower, feeding 2ml Cana A and B, calmag 1ml, moonshine and moonshine foiliar, she's also had 2 feedings with added mycorrhizae last one was over 2 week ago however some say once is enough others don't, I'm just not too sure if she's too pale lemon zkittle is the strain my first time...
  20. Dani smoke

    Defoliation 1 week 2 days into flower

    One week into flower, 2ml a and b Coco, 1 ml moonshine, moonshine foliar, 1ml cal/mag I'm counting 35 possible bud sites I feel like I'm under feeding EC still only at 1.6 but then again this is the only grow IV used the trucheon I'm curious to see what a little stocky plant like her can produce...
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