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    What's wrong with my baby?

    went in to check in kids and found this. She is wilting and turning brown on the tips. all other babies are fine, just her?? any ideas what this could be? here is the link to it i cant get it to add image here? sick kid
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    Purple erkle - Why does my plant look like this?

    Hey everyone, brand new to growing just got my clones for my first try. All look great but this girl here. She's slightly yellowing and just looks rough. Not much growth since I brought her home and just looks bad. Any suggestions
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    First Time And Not Going Good Right From The Start

    Well, i decided to try to grow my own medicine. i am completely legal in the state of CO to grow anyways but i have epilepsy and dont have enough money to support my needs through the dispensary. So, to grow i will try. I first off wanted something that i havent had before so i scoured the net...
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