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  1. PTSD 4 ME

    First grow attempt

    Looks much better give her some time to recover from that and she will bounce back with vengeance.
  2. PTSD 4 ME

    PTSD's Bag Seed Extravaganza Take 2

    So just had a volleyball knock my camera out of my hands at a Dave Matthews show. No picture updates for a while sorry guys.
  3. PTSD 4 ME

    At The Foot Of Mount Washmore

    Its a safe link just not a confirmed certificate.
  4. PTSD 4 ME

    Squeezing the Stalk

    Squeezing the stalk will make the plant want to heal that area sending more attention to that spot and ultimately it will cause that area to kind of swell up and ultimately heal larger. This can also be achieved through supercropping although it is a High Stress Training its a more extreme sense...
  5. PTSD 4 ME

    MassMedMan's Perpetual Mainline

    Hahah sure as shit there is a 420 in that!!
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  8. PTSD 4 ME

    Can you plant hermie seeds and get usable females?

    It depends on a few factors.... I know that my last grow I had one plant and it gave me 5 seeds. I didn't find any naners in the grow so at some point she pollinated herself on me. The seeds she gave off should all be feminized seeds. The smoke was amazing and the seeds are already growing me...
  9. PTSD 4 ME

    JoJo's Hempy SCROG Bucket C99 Grow Journal - 2015

    Using the scrog tech would probably be a positive thing for a heat issue. Just having an even canopy makes things much more consistent and constant so finding a solution to get things right would be that much easier. It was a big factor for my scrog.
  10. PTSD 4 ME

    PTSD's Bag Seed Extravaganza Take 2

    I have looked thru a scope real well. No pest's at this point that I can find. I think she just wants to be different. I don't know what else it can be chalked up to. Its on every leaf and even the newest growth.
  11. PTSD 4 ME

    PTSD's Bag Seed Extravaganza Take 2

    No foliar sprays and I haven't misted them at all. Once my wife uses up the windex bottle I probably will start. It started like this on the first set of leaves and new growth is showing the same properties. All the same strain/ soil and conditions for all of them and only one is showing this.
  12. PTSD 4 ME

    First Grow - Out Window

    Your plants would prefer direct sunlight without a doubt. The window will change the spectrum a bit and take away from the power of the sun. There are many options out there for soil. Fox Farm Ocean Forest is a good choice for a good soil, there are a few other out there that have great...
  13. PTSD 4 ME

    PTSD's Bag Seed Extravaganza Take 2

    This is only happening to one plant of the 6. The first growth showed the issue and has continued to show it. So my guess is that its something the plant is doing genetically not a deficiency or something that I am causing but maybe you guys know whats going on....
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  17. PTSD 4 ME


    Bagseed can produce great bud and it can also just be cut from bad genetics.... My last grow had probably a total of 20 seeds in just over 2 oz's of harvested herb. 15 of those were undeveloped and tossed 5 were good seeds, and already growing me another generation less then a month after I have...
  18. PTSD 4 ME

    TheRoach's First - Soil - Aurora Indica - Organic Grow - 600W

    Wow that is quite the regiment and recipe. Cant wait to see what comes from this!
  19. PTSD 4 ME

    I'm Back

    Fox Farm's Ocean Forest is somewhat of the standard for a good easily obtainable soil. Doc Brix has a soil that is good, I think its called High Brix do a search of that cause from soil it seems to be the cream of the crop. Just stay away from Miracle Grow or other time released ferts, they tend...
  20. PTSD 4 ME

    Jaerock's Indoor Bag Seed Soil Grow Journal Summer 2015

    I wouldn't worry about using a screen or nothing on them at this point of there growth. They seem quite stretched and since you have one top it would kinda defeat the purpose of a screen. I don't know that I would advise it now since you have began to flower but you can always tie the top of the...
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