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  1. happiehippie

    Flavoring your bud with molasses and pineapple juice

    O.K. , Ive seen and heard this all over the place here...whats the deal? I am dam near 2-4 weeks from finishing this grow I have on here...I would not mind ex. with one of my plants as far as pumping molasses water or whatever else would give them a sugar taste or fatening up there buds...
  2. happiehippie

    What the hell...no smell!

    WHATS UP GUYS!!!!!.. figured I throw a new thread out there on the smell deal.... O.K......havent seen much on this...and am at a point were you would think the smell would be SLAMMEN...but I honestly think my 45 days in flower and 95 days from seed HUGE 11'..yes foot..plants would be...
  3. happiehippie

    First time..purps hydro grow-bedroom growroom

    WHATS UP MAN! This is a first time attempt at a hydro grow with "water farm" hydro buckets. Being lit with a "sun blaze 48" T5 light with 8 blue / red bulbs. The grow room is a fool size bedroom with the big closet being the starting point of a "every 2 week harvest" once the room starts...
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