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  1. Blazinjones

    Mars Hydro Contest

    ok so this is my Bluedream auto done under my mars hydro TS-1000
  2. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Perpetual High Brix Empire

    Ok so i finally made the the plunge and decided to try the high Brix method I'll post a few pics of getting everything ready to cook some soil yeah baby one month away from making some truely sticky herbage lol. So first i broke up the big Sunshine number 4 bail then added in the first run...
  3. Blazinjones

    Blaze Blazes Through The High Seas Of Hydro DWC

    Strains: Master Kush, Blue Cheese, My Cross I made no name yet but it is Black Domina crossed with Hindu Kush Skunk Lights: x1 Growant G400 led, x2 Perfect Sun The Dwarf Star led, x1 after market 1000w cob led, x4 mars hydro mars300 leads, and last but not least x1 600w vipraspectra led Grow...
  4. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Cannabis Corner: Dyna-Gro 2018, StrawberryCake & Many More

    lights: mars hydro 300's 2 of them, and a 1000 watt aftermarket cob led setup, and a 600 watt normal led and that will be my veg lights. then for flower ill be putting them under one of my perfect sun dwarf stars led and another mars hydro 300 plus a mars hydro reflector 96. nutrients: dyna gro...
  5. Blazinjones

    Blaze Showcases The GROWant G5 OSRAM G400 Grow Light

    Ok folks Blaze here back at it again. This time i will be doing some autos done hydro style with a dwc bucket. This journal will be dedicated to my sponsor GroWant. They have sent me this amazing light the G5 G400 model. From seeing how the smaller one does in sweetsues garden i can only expect...
  6. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Sponsored Grow, CannaPot, Strain Michka, 2017

    Ok guys this is a sponsored journal by Canna Pot for the strain Michka. I just wanted to start this journal off by saying thanx to Canna Pot for offering me this chance. They have great customer service and some great strains to offer so if u wana get some good quality genetics they are a great...
  7. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Sponsored Grow - Sensi Seeds - Strain Michka - 2017

    High guys blaze here im doing this journal for sensi seeds. I will be running there new strain Michka. Michka® was created by Sensi Seeds during the same breeding program responsible for finalizing the Eagle Bill® cannabis variety Its a sativa dominate strain that has citrus scent to it...
  8. Blazinjones

    Mighty Grow Madness Autos & Photos Blazes Sponsored Grow Current

    Ok so this will be my sponsored grow hopefully we get some outstanding results with these soil nutrients/amendments from Mighty Grow Organics Nutrients: The grow will be done using mighty grow all natural plant food grow, bloom and amend also humatrace bio-available micronutrients trace...
  9. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Orgasmic Organics Auto Run 2017 Perpetual Any All Strains

    k so first off this is a perpetual grow doing autos so I wud like to please mention tht I wud like it to be only about autos if u have any posts relating photos please go to my other organic journal tht I have all my other photo girls in this is for an experiment I'm doing with autos so please...
  10. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Garden Of Weeden All Orgasmic Organics 2017

    k so this is my organics journal strains in the arsenal: are as follows currently running purple kush, early vixen, pineapple skunk, kali mist those are all photo fem seeds and I also have a blueberry and electric fruit both of which are autos and as 4 new beans I jus popped three more tht...
  11. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Journey Into Fire Organics: LOS Mix, Bag Seed, 2016

    high all (lol pun intended) i figured id do a journal on my first attempt into organics im doing a los mix (living organic soil) from buildasoil.com. I wana go all natural so no bottle nothing jus a plain soil mix and ssts (seed sprout teas) and acts (aireated compost teas) and plain ro water...
  12. Blazinjones

    My first time doing a soil harvest - Need help asap - Plant has issues

    I have been doin a coco soil perlite mixture and I Ben thin on about switching 2 jus soil I am currently using happy frog soil but am wondering if I shud repot them into straight soil did I have less problems that way?? This is one of my girls tht I repot into straight soil the other day. But...
  13. Blazinjones

    Blazin A Trail Through A Soil Coco Setup - Mystery Strains - An Alien Kush 2016

    I am doing a soil setup This run instead of another hydro jus till my shed out back is done being put up then I will do hydro again but 4 rite now I'm guna do a soil run this is the list of everything I'm using in my setup For the soil I'm using happy frog potting soil coco coir and perlite I...
  14. Blazinjones

    Blazing A Trail Through A Soil/Coco Setup - Alien Kush/Blue Dream/Mystery Seed - 2016

    K so I figured I'd do a second journal to show my soil attempt tht way I keep my other journal which has my hydro setup in it seperate from these but yea here goes. Growing medium - a soil mix of nitro bat guano,happy frog soil,perlite, an coco coir. Lighting - a mars hydro led box cube full...
  15. Blazinjones

    Curling leaves upward hydro setup

    If any1 can help me figure this out i wud greatly appreciate it idk if its cuz thy have 2 much water or 2 often or if its cuz of the nute like 2 much r sumthn idk if any1 can hel me figure out y they r curling up like this i wud greatly appreciate it thank you This 1 as well idk wats goin on...
  16. Blazinjones

    Blazinjones's Hydro - Ebb 'n Flow - Grow Journal - 2016

    First time doin hydro setup ebb n flow plants look droopy n hav brown spots im usn a 250w mh 24 hours on for the veg stage n water is on a timer 4 times a day for 4min ata time n im using general hydroponics floramicro n bloom for nutes jus added two days ago first n only time they got nutes so...
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