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    Photo Help

    How do i edit pictures. I can not find edit picures or edit albums- am i blind? please help
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    When do i remove males?

    Growing G-13 Poison Dwarf autoflower--one plant showed balls 2 days ago--it's in my veg. closet only 4ft away from my flower closet-and i leave doors open due to heat-- how long can it safely stay there? I want to pollinate a female but only one. Got some nice LR2's flowering rite now and dont...
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    Please Help me post pics

    OK, I give up. Finally resized a pic of my grow cabinet-it worked, except it appears on my desktop and I cant seem to get it in where the rest of my pics are? So then when I try again, they would not do a pic of my plant, said not allowed. Can ya'll recommend a site for re-sizing pics. I checked...
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    Busted by the meat guy!

    Was sitting outside yesterday in my little garden gettin ready to burn one when out of nowhere appears this guy.( I live in a small trailer park) He's sellin meat,Ya'll probably seen these guys runnin around in a pickup truck sellin frozen meat door to door. Anyways he's puttin the pitch to me...
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    Loss of appetite

    Do any of you know if some strains give you the munchies more than others?, and if so please list some for me. I have been suffering from a severe loss of appetite for a while now, the weed I can get here makes the food taste better, but I am never hungry anymore, mainly eat cause I know I got...
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    Lighting for lowryder2?

    I have 2 LR2 seeds that just sprouted yesterday under my T5HO's. I will be growing them under a 450HPS on an 18/6 schedule. Should I put my little seedlings under my HPS right now and start on 18/6?. Thanks again!:peace:
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    Where is Sticky?

    Hey Everyone, Being a newbie myself, I was wondering, Have any of ya'll ever discussed some of the really dumb things newbies ask or come up with? What made me think of this is the time I spent trying to send a post to "Sticky" I found this guy everywhere on forums so I wanted to ask him a...
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    Greetings from the sunshine state

    Hey Everyone, I am a first time grower, old time smoker. Took a little time off, about25 yrs., but am back smokin. I quit all my antidepressants they were pouring into me about 8 mos. ago and started smokin weed instead. My Mom came to visit me last week and commented on how much better I...
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