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    Who had root aphids!?!?!?!

    I mean springtails,cant edit thread for some reason,anyway,is it possible somehow to extend flowering by lets say increasing day to 14 hours and 10 hours at night? Maybe if I gave couple weeks to recove and increase flower I could somehow push something out of it more.
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    Who had root aphids!?!?!?!

    So it looks like I got these fken shiets,6 week of flower from flip,what hurts me I actually saw them before but I was like ohh it must be thrip babies,even tho there were no thrips,and I was wondering why I have not so much smell like before when half house stank.Anyway it could have been bomb...
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    PH problems in peat!

    Hi,i started growing in peat,it was adjusted to 5,5-6,5,anyway after few months im having problems,run off is always like 6.2 no matter what i water,i water 7,5.8,5.and 9,I have no clue how to make soil more alkaline so could stop doing this nonsense which doesnt help at all.
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    Are powder nutes ok in DWC?

    I have those flowering nutes bag standing just near my window with 13/40/13 and it just hurts to buy 10/50/10 shultz for 15 euro when I have some just right now,its simple company tho not shultz/brand.So does anyone use powder nutes in dwc? dont they make too much salts? I used up to 400-500ppm...
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    Can 3 plants vegged for double time yield like 6 plants with short veg?

    About 6months in rdwc lol!!!Im about to flip to flower.lollll........
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    Have anyone used SUB B?

    Is it like total white,smells kind a strange and foams when added to bubling water? Im kind a trying to figure out if i didnt buy package with some fake crap inside lol.:cheer2: Happend once with other product before.And it doesnt seem to do anything beneficial,its not doing anything bad either tho.
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    White Pistils Hermie - What to do? Who encountered?

    I think my plants will go hermie in flower,any suggestions how to help it? Maybe there some cure to aid plant to resist going to hermie?I will be flippin soon.
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    Does your hydroguard look like water and have no smell?

    Hello,my hydroguard looks like 130% water lol,its not cloudy or anything,no smell,so I was thinking,its supposed to b like that?:Namaste:
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    White Pistils Hermie - What to do? Who encountered?

    My plants are under second or third time of root lol,first time dwc,have fun. So one plant which is recovering showing much more white stuff than others,it went hermie,since they had alot of stress,so thing is,so that plant prolly will infect all plants,so thing is,how bad it is? What does...
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    Voodoo Juice = Root rot?

    Voodoo exploded me a present,a damn root rot,so my plants are sitting in shitter,and there was 2 days when started to flower,had to switch back again and have to wait 1 more month,I was silly when I was reading "heisenberg" tea recipe not to follow his quete "stay away from AN products" so...
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    Longest brewing time for tea?

    I run from time to time tea with some GW and HG or Voodoo,anyway,I was wondering,tea bubling for like 1 weeks gets meeega cloudy and as I can imagine MEEEGAAA kick ass with 30 million times more microbes than living organisms on all earth.But I dont want to get root rot ofc,so what you...
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    PPM question for Hydro

    Start seedlings maybe at 150-300ppm,later on add little by little until you see slight burn,on little older plants not seedlings,and stay there then for some time :) less is more,increase by very little,maybe 50ppm,start maybe 150-300,then middle like 500 and finish depends on plant,like i said...
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    GW,black bucket,anyone experienced?

    My main rezzy in hydro system is all covered with black fungus,walls are like 7/80% covered with it,as I understand gw mycorizhea did it,well I believe its not causing anything bad,been like that for over a week,but some dead stuff floats around and sticks to root and makes them brownish so I...
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    Are hailea pumps any good?

    I got 240l/min water pump,well from what I see it barely runs 5 buckets,I dont want to think what will happen when I connect more,whats your feedback with hailea?
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    DWC, EWC tea question,who did it?

    I tried few times but ewc tea fooked up everything even further.Anyway,I tried adding some organic stuff with bunch of bacillus in the system some days ago,its for soil/hydro TNC BactorrS13 - Beneficial Bacteria for Compost Tea, Hydroponics & Horticulture | eBay ,after like some hours like...
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    Is this over nutes, or maybe root rot?

    1500PPM to these plants?? 500 max including 200 tap water ppm. My plants are 5 times bigger at like 700PPm with water,which like 200ppm,and nutes like 14-8-25, and some plants show N overfert..stop hurting ur plants dude. Use google,hydro,what ppm. Maybe ur plants will require more than mine...
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    Any DWC growers? or general, I need about 3-4 pounds yield, advise me

    So Ive read DWC can produce lb a plant each,any truth? lol I need to yield about 3-4 pounds,second grow,will try dwc First grow was soil,8 plants,2-3 dead in the end totally,generally 70% weed had problems but I ended up pretty good smokable stuff,had about 1.1 kilo,i wish I didnt kill those...
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    DWC instead of Soil - where's the point?

    So my first grow was soil,so I decided to do dwc,ofc first crop failed,on second on half have problems but im learning,anyway,so I do 10 buckets.So yeah dwc yields and grows faster,but you need like 200w air pump running 24/7,which in flowering 12/12 will give you extra free 400wats/day,that...
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    Have anyone recovered from Root Rot at Rootball? Please help

    Hi,second time trying to do dwc,with one bucket same problems,root rot or whatever,prob is root rot is at stem roots,they brown...2 days ago did hard h2o run throu top of pot with 6% solution of h2o,now adding hydroguard to res and throu top of the bucket too..Plants 3 week old,do you think new...
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