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  1. MrAnxiiouz

    When to use Beastie Bloomz?

    Yo, what’s good people! My first Grow here. I’m on week 4 of flower. I want to know if it’s time to use Beastie Bloomz? Or can I use Open Sesame? I have not used any PK booster yet. I have not used Open Sesame or Beastie Bloomz yet.
  2. MrAnxiiouz

    First Grow, Help! Up pot? Prune?

    I have a couple questions. 1. My plant is getting bushy and I wonder if I should start defoliating/pruning it? 2. Is it time to transplant into a 5GALLON pot? 3. I want to start flowering it very soon, how should I go about that? Should I flush then transplant?
  3. MrAnxiiouz

    Growing Help! Pruning? New grower here!

    Yo what’s good guys and gals Take a look at my pictures and tell me what I can do to improve this grow. Should I prune and how should I? I have 4 nodes and just topped the 5th. Is the top growing correctly? Leaves started growing at the start of the nodes. What do the leaves at the nodes mean...
  4. MrAnxiiouz

    Adding mycorrhizae, trichoderma, fulvic and humic acid to coco

    So I realized that I could add beneficial bacteria to increase root growth, nutrient uptake, etc. Also learned that fulvic and humic acid help break down nutrients and more. I am growing in organic: coco coir, peat moss, sphagmus (forgot to add perlite, will do when I transplant that's why I...
  5. MrAnxiiouz

    Did I top correctly?

    Yo, what’s good guys. Just wondering if I topped correctly? I’m not trying to FIM Also is it too early to tell the sex of the plant?
  6. MrAnxiiouz

    First grow! 3 weeks in! Noob help please

    Yo what’s good people. Day 21 Since Planting Taproot Taking a look at my plant, it seems like it’s growing pretty slow, but it’s doing it’s best and so am I. First true leaves look the weakest as they’re droopy and have some deficiency that I can’t tell. The first node is also slightly...
  7. MrAnxiiouz

    Forgot to add perlite: Noob help please

    Yo what’s good homies. My first grow is doing well so far. Today is Day 15 since I planted taproot into the same cup you are seeing right now. i made a mistake tho. I didn’t add perlite, so water doesn’t drain much or seep through the soil evenly. Because of this I haven’t added any nutes yet...
  8. MrAnxiiouz

    Should I transplant now? Adding nutes? Noob help please

    Yo whats good everyone. First time grower here so I'm still learning the ropes to growing cannabis. I have a couple questions today: DAY 14 SINCE I PLANTED SEED 1. Is it time to transplant this seedling into a 2-GALLON Pot? This will be the final pot size for this grow. 2. Does stem length...
  9. MrAnxiiouz

    Lighting: Red, White Or Blue?

    Yo whats good ladies and gents. I'm a noob and currently on my first grow right now (Day 10). I live in the tropics and have a 12-12 photoperiod all year round, so I decided to go with supplemental lighting strategy to make it a 17-7 to prevent pre-flowering, etc. Plant is outside during the day...
  10. MrAnxiiouz

    Any Indica Strains To Grow Outdoors, Tropical Climate

    Yoo, whats up everyone. I just recently started cultivating my own cannabis, so I'm a complete noob. I have a couple questions about what indica strains to grow in the tropics. I know that sativa strains thrive in my areas climate, but I wonder if any indica strains can too. I am from Guam, a...
  11. MrAnxiiouz

    My first grow! First set of leaves leaning

    Yo what’s up everyone. It’s my first time growing cannabis legally and thought I’d just start with one of my seven seeds that actually germinated. I decided to grow outdoors. I have a couple questions about my plant. Soil mix for now: Jiffy Seed Starter Mix (peat moss/coco, organic-based)...
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