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  1. buzz62

    Post Your Root Art!

    High all! Just thought I would start a thread dedicated to roots, as they could use more respect! Please post interesting photos of roots, dirt or hydro, and lets see what you have! Blueberry in 15 gallon pot. Blueberry in 15 gallon pot Blue Cookies in 15 gallon pot Crown Royale in 15...
  2. buzz62

    Is this a boy or girl?

    2 week 4 day old Super Stinky Auto . I will post a pix as soon as I am sure one way or the other!
  3. buzz62

    First Run Auto's, one has a bit of a blotchy chlorophyl problem?

    So I have some new autos going, just over 2 weeks now and one of the White Widows has very blotchy leaves and has since it emerged. I am going to let it grow till I see the sex, but I am curious if anybody else has seen growth like this. My other 5 autos are all doing great, and I am growing for...
  4. buzz62

    Need a humidistat & temperature meter that works great, is accurate and is cheap?

    HI, I have been using these Acurite meters for years and I am amazed how accurate and useful they are. Unlike some meters, the high and low settings on these automatically reset 24 hours after you turn it on. So in addition to showing your daily lows and highs, they also can point to other...
  5. buzz62

    First time making Hash!

    So I made some hash today out of sugar trim and larfs from a big blue cookie I had going. The plant had a lot of popcorn as I hadn't trimmed it as hard as I could have, but it appears to have made good trim. From the Blue cookies, which gave me about 250 grams of great buds, I got a 8.2 gram of...
  6. buzz62

    Buzz's Journal Number 5, 1st Time With Autos, White Widow & Super Stinky! Caution Co-ed Nudity!

    Isn't she beautiful? She's a blueberry from an earlier run, I have no pictures of males....YET! Pardon my shameless self marketing! :cool: High All! Trying some autos with the singular goal of creating a lot more seeds! I have some White Widow from Crop King, and some Super Stinky from a...
  7. buzz62

    How to grow a throw rug

    So I took a pix of my latest plants root balls and they were kinda neat. One made a very dense carpet of fine hairs, but left the pot holes uncovered. This plant could drink a gallon in 5 minutes, even with the roots like that right up to harvest. Production was good, 350 grams which was a...
  8. buzz62

    Removing your power supply from your light?

    HI all, just got a new Mars Hydro TSW 2000 :circle-of-love:and removed the power supplies to keep them cooler as they seemed too hot on top of the light. I discovered that the reflector picks up induced voltage of 15 Volts AC, with no discernible amps, from the lights and that running a...
  9. buzz62

    Buzz's Grow Journal #4: Blue Cookies! Crown Royale! & My Perennial Favourite Blueberry!

    High All! :Rasta: Back at it again with a new strain and some old favourites. Feeding Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow and Bloom this run as the advanced nutrients products are temporarily unavailable here. Running nutes at the 3 ml per litre rate (E.C.= 1600) The 15 sq.ft Room has a Crown...
  10. buzz62

    Cannabis Hyperemesis: My experience, and a quick way to stop an attack

    Hi All, thought I would share my experience with this syndrome. I am in my late 50's, a lifelong daily cannabis smoker, and have had a few bouts of illness which I finally may have to admit is cannabis hyperemisis. I don't think my experience is typical, however most of the associated symptoms...
  11. buzz62

    Using Coco Coir Starting Pots?

    Hi, I tried out some new 4" coco coir nursery pots in my peat grow. Previously I have used peat based nursery pots and they seemed to disintegrate. After harvesting a large sativa I planted from seed, I removed the roots from a 15 gallon pot, and was a little surprsied to find a hard as a rock...
  12. buzz62

    Buzz's Grow Journal #3: Crown Royale & Shiskaberry

    High all! Dropped two seeds on the 19th of January, a Crown Royale from Crop King, and a Shiskaberry seed that I received with some commercial produced weed that is a huge seed, but does not quite look mature. But worth trying! After one day in a glass, and straight into Sunshine #4 the CR...
  13. buzz62

    PPM .5 or PPM .7 (4-4-2) EC µ or mS Which one to use?

    My new TDS/EC meter has two settings for ec (µ or mS), and either ppm.5 or ppm.7. The ppm.7 reading reads a lot higher, ppm.5 =1000 ppm tds vs ppm.7=1350 ppm tds in my Advanced Nutrient solution at the 4 ml/L rate. It's EC is 1.9 mS. I had read somewhere that AN uses ppm .7 for their...
  14. buzz62

    Buzz's Crazy 6 Day Week Blueberry Flowering Experiment!

    HIgh Everyone! I have been thinking about doing a light experiment for some time, and I finally have the right conditions to do it. The basic idea is this, divide the week into 6 days with 12 hour nights and 16 hour days. This gives an extra 12 hours of daytime a week vs 12/12, and I have...
  15. buzz62

    General Survey of hps 600 watt light users: What is your Lux value at 1 meter from the bulb centre

    High, hopefully everyone hasn't converted to LED yet! I recently found out my analog Lux meter needs calibration, and my luck with app lux meters is not one of trust! So what I would like to know is what other users are reading in Lux from their 600 HPS at 1 meter. I know that older bulbs can...
  16. buzz62

    Tweed/Spectrum Cannabis Variety Karolyn

    Received this seed from Tweed/Spectrum and thought I would post my results so far. Unfortunately Spectrum seed is quite vague about everything about their seeds, no guides to thc etc., so it is a bit of a crapshoot! However this variety is quite impressive so far. The seed germinated in one...
  17. buzz62

    Buzz's 2nd Journal: Karolyn, Blueberry & Skunk

    High All! Here is my 2nd Journal, For this run I have pulled Skunk and Blueberry clones, and I am trying out a couple of varieties from Spectrum Cannabis called Humber Valley Kush, and Karolyn . This journal is 60 days late getting started so please forgive me! The 2nd variety from Spectrum, the...
  18. buzz62

    Questions for experienced Blueberry Growers

    HI, My main question: Is Blueberry slower growing, and slower to flower than most varieties? 2nd Question: Are the female flowers differen't in some way? I have two Blueberry plants from Crop King that are just over two months old and two others, a kush and a Original Skunk from Crop KIng, and...
  19. buzz62

    Has anyone experimented with 28 hour day length for flowering? 12 night 16 day?

    Just wondering what happens. I'm thinking that the plants should flower as the night requirement is being met, and wondering if the bud growth would be accelerated. Has anyone tried this? You could program a digital to do it, works out to 6 28 hour days in a 7 day week.
  20. buzz62

    First grow in 20 years!

    My 3 girls at 46 days!
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