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  1. Insanerooster

    Old new member is back

    Hi everyone I am back from a long forced break from the cannabis and 420 life, I went through a very harsh divorce that cost me my house and grow setup but I am back now and hopefully better than ever. I really can't wait to get catch up with old friends and make new ones. Well let the...
  2. Insanerooster

    InsaneRooster's Insane Greenhouse Winter Grow - 2014

    :cheer2: Official Rooster Intro :cheer2: A very BIG welcome all :420:'ers to my First Winter Grow, I am just off my First Outdoor Grow and the Journal as well as the grow was a Wopping success with my MONSTER winning PoTM April 2014 and a dried and Cured weight of 1.76 KG, I am hoping...
  3. Insanerooster

    Made my own 420 Curing Jar with a twist

    Hi i am InsaneRooster... After recently starting my first outdoor grow ( 420 Magazine ® ) i wanted to learn more about a proper curing process and i was aware that i needed some jars but i did not give it much thought as to what jars i was gunna use as it did not seem to be an interesting topic...
  4. Insanerooster


    I was taking some photos of my "Ladies" and this one came out so nice i had to put it up!! :Love: :cheer2: :Love:
  5. Insanerooster

    Greetings Form South Africa

    Hi All 420 Members I am new to the forum but not to growing, I have been growing indoor hydro for the past 5 years and been a stonner for 14 years.... I hope to learn new tricks and also old one's i did not know about, so far it has been nice Happy Growing and smoking!! :420:
  6. Insanerooster

    Outdoor Sativa Grown In The Ground First Outdoor Grow

    This is the first time I tried to grow outdoor because i have always been of the mindset that outdoor can never be as dank as indoor plants, after looking at hundreds of outdoor grows on the internet i found that i was VERY wrong, outdoor can hold the candle to indoor any day IMO. I will try...
  7. Insanerooster

    Pre-roll like a boss: post yours

    So i had to pre-roll some joints for holiday this was what it looked like while i was going at it. Post your rolling pics... Happy blunting!!
  8. Insanerooster

    Outdoor Sativa 11 Weeks - First grow

    Hi this is my First time round growing outdoor, i have always been into growing in a grow house with hydro but i had some space in the garden so i tried a Sativa from some bag seed to see how i would do. The plant is now 11 weeks old and just under 2 weeks of flowering, I have bee feeding it...
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