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  1. knotspeeds88

    Outdoor Grow needs Help

    I have to many plants in my tents so I stuck one Big Bud plant outdoors. It was doing alright until this morning when I went to check on it I found this...any ideals on what it is???? Thanks for any help that you can provide.
  2. knotspeeds88

    Knotspeeds - OG Kush & Bag Seed - 2016

    Hello everyone, it has been a while since I have been here but I am back now. I have a grow that I have already started. Be looking for my next grow with the seeds that have arrived today. Back to this grow for now though with pictures below. What strain is it? OG Kush / Bag seed Is it...
  3. knotspeeds88

    Knots First Plant Ever

    Hello gang, I hope that everyone is doing well. This is my first plant that I have every grow and it was by luck alone. I threw a seed in some MG soil (I know now that is not the soil you want to use) that I had...and the dang thing started to grow...WOW. I started germination inside in mid...
  4. knotspeeds88

    We have a problem Houston

    I am 11 days in on flowering, soil MG soil...i know it's bad lights 24 23w=100w total watts 552...total lumen 38400, half 2700k and half 6500k nutes FloraGro, micro, grow and bloom 29" tall strain unknown 11 days into 12/12 last watered 6/23 1 gallon of ph balanced water only....6/26 1 gallon...
  5. knotspeeds88

    New to the site

    Hello friends, I am new to the site and I am a first time grower. I am in my 50's and live in a state that does not have medicinal Marijuana, we will have our second vote on the issue this next election. I used it for recreation for years, but now use it for medical issues, pain and insomnia...
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