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  1. overlord

    Overlord's Lair

    Welcome Everyone, Time for me to start a new journal via my phone most of the time, typos and incorrect autocorrections are to be expected. :17: Let me start with a SHOUTOUT AND THANK YOU to @Kitchenhawk , I ran his boptang and Bop x BCP and couldn't have been more pleased. You can see them...
  2. overlord

    Overlord's Adventures With High Brix

    Hi & Welcome: Time for a new journal, and a few things have changed. For starters I added an environmental controller and switched back to my COB/LED light. Same one I mentioned in my 1st journal back when they were a sponsor here . Next I have switched back to the 8 gallon pots and have put...
  3. overlord

    Overlord Does Ethos Mandarin Cookies In High Brix

    Hi everyone, Time for grow number 2 here is the current set-up: Gorilla 4ft X 4 ft tent Growers Choice 630 DE CMH 4k Ethos Mandarin Cookies Fem Doc Buds High Brix There is not much to see yet, I planted all 6 fem seeds and all 6 germinated with no problems. I will only run 4 and...
  4. overlord

    Overlord's 1st Grow

    Hi Everyone, Welcome, this is my 1st grow with 420. I want to get away from Fem seeds, but I have quite a few to grow out before I move on to regs, the set up is as follows: *Strain: Sannies Jack Fem *Lighting: Amare Technologies SE450UVB *Gorilla Tent...
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