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  1. HunterNitro

    Barney's Farm Blueberry Cheese, 600 Watt HPS, DWC, Rockwool

    Hello everyone! A lot of you know my last grow ended with a hermie. I failed to tape a light sensor up and 3 weeks into flower she turned. Out with the old and in with the new! This will be a Top feed, Rockwool, DWC grow in a 27 gallon tote. Using a 600 watt HPS single plant. Should see some...
  2. HunterNitro

    Barney's Farm Glookies, Capn Style, 600 Watt HPS, Crazy Growth!

    Hello everyone!! Welcome to my grow journal. Up this time around is Barney's Farm Glookies. I have debated many days if I wanted to post this journal. Let’s see how it goes. Pull up a chair and ask questions if you have them. Lets grow some amazing arm sized colas. A little about myself: I am...
  3. HunterNitro

    HPS is better than LED

    Your plants look great and healthy! Those buds would be bigger than the size of your finger if you had a HPS in there! That little LED cant keep up!!! Oh wait.. No LED can ever keep up... :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  4. HunterNitro

    Hunter's Perpetual - HPS - Multiple Strain Extravaganza!

    Welcome Everyone! I decided to start a perpetual grow journal so I can have all my grows in one place and everyone can sub to just one journal... and well its just the thing to do. Im happy to say last week I received my herbies order of over 10 strains!!! Perfect is all I have to say...
  5. HunterNitro

    LSD - White Rhino - Venice Beach Afghan - 600 Watt HPS - Soil Grow!

    Welcome Everyone!! :welcome: Hello! Here we have another grow! This grow will consist of 3 strains: Barneys Farm LSD Green House White Rhino Kera Venice Beach Afghan This will be a Soil grow with Smart Pots! Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? LSD - Indica...
  6. HunterNitro

    Barneys Farm LSD - Soil Mother - 600 Watt HPS

    Hello everyone!! Welcome to my 3rd grow journal. Up this time around is Barney's Farm LSD strain! I have now upgraded to a 600 watt hps so things are going to get interesting! I have popped one feminized LSD seed and growing her in soil. This is going to be my mother plant and will take...
  7. HunterNitro

    Some type of bug in my reservoir! With Pics! Help!

    Ok guys so i have a journal going and ask it on there but wanted to post it here also so maybe i can get some quicker responses and maybe help someone out if they have the same problem! DWC Hydro and these are in my reservoir! PEST: Very small! On the side of my reservoir Saw a ball of them...
  8. HunterNitro

    Papaya Goes Soil - CFL - 2nd Grow - Soil Grow Journal

    Hello everyone!! Welcome to my 2nd grow journal. For this journal we have two PAPAYA clones from my hydro girl planted in soil! This should get interesting! I wanted to do a hydro vs soil on this strain as well as a smoke comparison. Lets get started!!! What strain is it? - Papaya (Mango)...
  9. HunterNitro

    Papaya - CFL - Stealth - DWC - Hydro Grow Journal

    HELLO!!! And welcome to my first grow everyone. Thanks for all the information and knowledge i have gained from this website. So lets cut to the chase! I have modified/built a grow cabinet out of a 2 shelf Sterilite storage cabinet. This is a Small stealth grow with 1 plant! Enjoy :thumb...
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