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  1. ChronicTrees

    ChronicTrees Indoor Chronic Basement Grow: Runtz!

    I will be growing 2 Runtz clones that I got from a friend of mine. I will be using a heater, a Indoor grow tent, Foxfarm soil, a towel under the pots, Foxfarm Beastie Bloomz, Terpinator, liquid cal mag, Elite Base nutrients, and Cyco Platinum Series Bloming nutrients. I will be leaving the...
  2. ChronicTrees

    ChronicTree’s Indoor Grow Journal Of Chronic!

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a Indoor grow tent, enough plant nutrients to last me about 2 grows/harvests, an LED grow light, and a heater! I had lot’s seeds, from multiple strains, such as Skunk x Haze, OG x Haze, OG x Skunk, Lemon Tree, Jesus OG, Grandaddy Purple, and plenty more. I ended...
  3. ChronicTrees

    New grow journal soon! Indoor, lots of great strains!

    I will be making a great new Indoor journal as I have space In my basement to start one! I will be growing Indoors form now on! I will also be doing outdoor grows aswell! Recently I just had enough money to purchase a new grow tent, some really good nutrients, a heater, and some heating mats for...
  4. ChronicTrees

    2020 ChronicTrees, Garden of Chronic, outdoor grow! Skunk/OG/Haze!

    I had planted 2 seeds, one OG x Haze, and one Skunk x Haze! Both from Alterego Genetics, extremely strong genetics! I’m feeding Heavy 16, Veg A/Veg B, with Fire Pk, and Roots Pk. I will be feeding Bud A, and Bud B by Heavy 16, once they begin to flower. I’m 3 weeks In so far! Hopefully I can...
  5. ChronicTrees

    Extremely frosty Gruntz! Crystals all over!

    Here are some Gruntz, completely frosty, crystal trichomes all over, completely covered. The nose Is a strong skunk, with earthy tones, OG and fruity! She Is some of the best I have had!
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