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    Cannabis: A Solution to the Crisis of Consciousness

    It seems that the many worldwide problems facing us today are at their root a crisis of consciousness. First: a couple of problems... Ecological decline, including global warming and accelerating species extinction, is largely a result of human activity. The industrial revolution is fueled...
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    Dropping in to say "high"

    Just joined today and thought I'd introduce myself. I've been smoking for several years and have made significant changes (improvements) in my life as a result. Before smoking I worked a job that was just a paycheck and stayed angry at the world because of it. After smoking, and thinking...
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    N.C. In the 420

    I live in North Carolina and am in the process of publishing articles supporting the legalization of cannabis and industrial hemp. Are you keeping contact with the state representatives that are sponsoring House Bill 1380? What are the next milestones in the legislative process we should be...
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