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  1. Stage

    Hey Stage: Where Ya Been? Fall 2017 420 Perpetual

    High and good afternoon people. :welcome: I miss this place, people and plants here. Before I continue I want to dedicate this journal to a couple of very deserving people. SweetSue- High sugar.:Love::5::5: Thanks for leaving the porch light on and the door cracked. Muaah! Shiggity Flip-...
  2. Stage

    Stage Hits The Brix! - COB LEDs & More

    High all, Once again it's on. I'm back on my bs again. :welcome: Last time you all were in a Stage journal I was running bottled nutes in coco hydro. Won a contest or two with my entry and received some fantastic prizes to include COB leds. This year I'm going to run 420 kit. Why? Why...
  3. Stage

    LED or LEC?

    High All, I am looking for the forums input on which light performs better in a 4x4x7 tent LEC or LED? It appears Cree cxb3590 have an edge over LEC in efficiency and lumen output, Would you agree LEC has advantage over the cobs in UV spectrum? Which should I embrace? LEC or COB LED?
  4. Stage

    Smokin J's Fully Digital Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

    High all, I won this nifty effective unit in a 420 contest a few months back. I've been using the smokinjs for about 6 weeks and a good friend wanted to know if i liked it. Yes i do. This unit is small, portable highly functional and affordable. I really like the smokinjs for all those...
  5. Stage

    HSO Sour Diesel Auto

    Sour Diesel auto from Humboldt Seed Organization is a very good yielding strain which grew from seed to weed in 70-80 days. Easy to grow, they enjoyed the cocoa medium and dutch master ferts I gave her. They enjoyed an aggressive feeding schedule as 3 autos I grew provided me with over 400 dried...
  6. Stage

    Do you defol autos? Bad idea? Or no?

    Good afternoon and High to all. Who here performs defol on autos? What were your results? I have 3 hso sd autos going atm and I'm on day 61. (3 plants on the right)and I wonder if I should defol? 1st time growing autos and I would hate to stunt them. What do ya think?
  7. Stage

    Stages' Summer Run - HSO Sour Diesel Auto - TH Bubblegum HSO Blue Dream in Coco

    High to all !:Namaste: Welcome to Stages' Summer Auto Run! Peace and respect :peace::peace2: It's THC Thursday fellow herbalists! :volcano-smiley: Its Stage here. I would say I'm back but I really just took a sabbatical and never left. :Namaste: I have been quietly lurking in other grow...
  8. Stage

    Growin 'TheCapt'n' style using 3x2 ebb/flow w/25 gal rez topfeed. Need help deciding

    Good afternoon :420: I have been reading journals by 'TheCaptn' who is best known on these forums for growing TheCapt'n style. He uses many different styles of growing but i am most interested in top feed. In one of TheCaptn's journals( I wish i could find that post..too much meds man) I saw...
  9. Stage

    Do LED grow lights provide uv-b?

    Hi 420mag:420: I own an LED and I wanted to know if uv-b is included within the spectrum of my light. See the product specs: 11-Band LED Spectrum 380(UV)/415/440/460/480/615/630/660/720/740/760nm(IR) Not sure if the 380 UV band listed covers this. Can someone with more knowledge enlighten...
  10. Stage

    Stage's 4x4 600W HPS/MH/LED - DWC - Coco - OG Kush - BC BigBud - Hybrid Grow

    What strain is it? Jordan of the Islands OG Kush(God Bud x AK47) and BC Big Bud (regular seeds). Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? BC Big Bud:Sativa Dominant/Flowering Time: 45-55 Days OG Kush: mostly Indica Dominant/Flowering Time: 55-65 Days. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower stage...
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