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  1. HotshotShorty

    What is this? Challenge

    Take a look. Very little seems to be written about this. There is good argument that it is NOT Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Too much light? heat, nutrient,? too much elevator music?? I will post the answer & link later. How about you posting the answer first??:high-five: :peace:
  2. HotshotShorty

    Nutrient burn? or not!

    northern lights 5 weeks soil foxfarms nutrients MH hid 400 watt RO water happy frog TOP BOTTOM and your thoughts?????? :peace:
  3. HotshotShorty

    Lux & lumens

    Greetings, Lighting is an important and confusing subject. While I do not claim to be an expert, but I would like to relay my understanding of the subject. First, you can get a light with a certain light output. THAT, would be lumens. THAT would be total light output without regard to...
  4. HotshotShorty

    What is up with this?

    nothern lights soil - happy frog nutrient burn? light burn? lockout? all indica new growth is pale old growth-- dark green is this even an issue? Thanks for lookin.... :peace:
  5. HotshotShorty

    Out Of Storage

    Having grown for my adult daughter(legal), about 10 years ago. So now growing for me- a lot of health issues. So dragging out the old MH light. It didn't seem as bright as I remembered. I was busy trying to get other issues straight during this grow. With my attention my lighting, what I...
  6. HotshotShorty

    What does this look like?

    What does this look like? indoor soil northern lights :peace:
  7. HotshotShorty

    Age & lumin output HID HPS - Charts

    http://howard-lighting.com/Documents/ProductLiterature/HIDLampServiceGuide.pdf So HID lamps lose 30% of their light output after using 30% of their rated life. And HPS loses 10% of its light output @ 50% of its rated life. :peace: Sooooo: if your rated average life was...
  8. HotshotShorty

    Powdery Mildew & H2o2

    So, this clone of Northern Lights from the community center, blossomed with powdery mildew. So, neem oil has been reported as totally ineffective. Then there is potassium bicarbonate. That takes a while from Ebay. There is garlic spray. It is at the grocery store, still. Now, h2o2 is...
  9. HotshotShorty

    Leaf curling & twiting issues on clones- see pics & advise please

    NORTHERN LIGHTS recently re-potted good potting soil no nutrients recently light burnt slightly moved under florescent only ONE leaf per plant effected temp about 69 THIS ONE IS TWISTING THIS ONE IS CUPPING Thank you for you consideration of this issue. I...
  10. HotshotShorty

    Worm castings, vermicompost, recycle, organic

    Greetings, I have found a worm bin for $25 used. From EVERYTHING that I have read, worm castings(worm poop) is/are ultra fantastic for gardens. I am not going hydro, so I am going to give vermicomposting(composting using worms) a try. They say, worms will consume most any vegetable matter...
  11. HotshotShorty

    New clone leaf issues- Please advise- Thanks

    Greetings, I recently got three cloes. northern lights They were recently made available and the fellow said he had given then some? nutrient. I put them under a 1 K watt hid lamp at a distance of one foot. Can you tell if I light burned them or if this is a nutrient burn. The weather...
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