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  1. neiro

    Happy New Year from Auto Lemon AK 10 weeks from the seed

    Very pitchy! Best wishes for you, your families & girls. :yummy:
  2. neiro

    Auto Lemon AK: 9 weeks

    Sweet sugar leaves
  3. neiro

    Sugar leaves of Auto Lemon AK, 7 weeks

    Auto Lemon AK from Fastbuds, Zoo of Lamps
  4. neiro

    Zoo of Lamps

    400W HPS 300W LED 100W CFL
  5. neiro

    Dark Purple Auto

    About 6 weeks Seeds from Delicious Seeds
  6. neiro

    The ends of the leaves bend down

    I have 3 plants in hempy buckets and the ends of the leaves bend down on one of them. The ends looks dry. All plants have same watering and nutrient schedule.
  7. neiro

    Hempy drain to waste gravity feeding system

    Just to make my daily routine easy I did the system to feed 3 my plants. Maybe the idea will be helpful for somebody.
  8. neiro

    3 Strains, LED & HID, Hempy Buckets

    Hi All! This is my second grow in 6 years. Link to the previous attempt. Plant: Auto Fem White Widow from Dutch Passion Setup: DYI box (1.5 x 1.8 x 2 meters), (Sorry, report will be in metric system ;-) DWC 30L + 2 channel 4W compressor. LED Mars Hydro 600 (about 300W) HESI nutrients Airflow...
  9. neiro

    PolarLight, DWC, LED & Fluorescent, HESI Nutrients , Undefined Problem

    Hello Everybody My setup: Box Secret Jardin 60x60x150cm DWC 20L + 2 pumps LED UFO 90W + 8 x 18W Osram FLOURA HESI nutrients: HYDRO starter kit PH stable 5.7-5.8 Humidity stable 45-50% Temp stable 27C air, 25C solution Airflow stable 80m3/h in, 100m3/h out Now, it is 10 days old and...
  10. neiro

    Warm Hello from cold Russia

    Hi Folks This is my first post here as well as my first attempt to grow MJ. Let's start. PolarLigth auto fem/LED 90W + ESL (OSRAM Fluora) 8x18 W/DWC bublemaker/HESI nutrients. In my gallery neiro Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery u will find some photos of my grow tent and plant. WBR...
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