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    Question on fluids

    Hey everyone, Sorry I dont have a pic that shows it, but my red cherry berry grow, the one in my journal sig, has some wierd liquid substance that shows up on the tops from time to time. Anyone have a clue as to whatit is.. I know its not nutes, and no leaks anywhere. Its a clear, kinda thick...
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    New babies, Kahuna & Purps seedlings

    Here is 2 Kahuna, & 5 Purps seedlings. I germed em in paper towels, took about 2 1/2 days to get a good taproot about 1/2" long. Then on the 2nd I put em in the cups with FFOF soil to get em going with. So far theyre looking ok I think.
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    Datrippps Red Cherry Berry Aero/NFT Hydro

    Ok, I'm finally on it. Here's my latest grow I just started with my home built Aero/NFT Hydro system. This unit has been great, But I did a bit of an overhaul on it, and now it's an amazing unit that is compact, can produce killer results. This is my first full run with this re-vised edition...
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    Turkey day bud

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our friends and family here at 420.. Im thankfull for this site helping me learn to produce my own medicine, thats allowed me to all but totally stop taking my methodone for nerve and back damage..
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    While I've been away, pics

    Well, I've been away for awhile, But i've been busy as you can see here. These are Barny's Farm "Red Cherry Berry". I have the 2 from seed in soil, and 10 clones I took from them earlier in hydro. All in week 7, and the pics dont do the best justice, some of these colas are just plain huge...
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    Lemon Skunk pics, 1 wk from harvest

    These are about a week from harvest, theyre solid to the touch, real dense.. how do they look?
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    Now what?

    Well, after a very bad thorasic back surgery in 03, That leaves me with no feeling in my fingers, Legs that dont work right, and severe migraine headaches damn near daily, & a cabinet full of assorted narcotic prescriptions like methodone, oxy's, and shit like that I got denied disability...
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    Lemon skunk macro pic of trich production

    Heres a pic of the trich's at week 6 on my lemon skunk. It's like everyday they look like the trich's have exploded all over, theyre real nice and frosty.
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    Datrippp's Lemon Skunk Aero/NFT Grow

    Ok, Im starting a journal on my lemon skunk hydro grow. Ill be using a home made Aero/NFT system that I built using the stinkbud design. I will be using 10 monster clones I took off my flowering plants at about day 20. They look great, and have good roots . Ill get pics up tonight of the clones...
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    Lemon Skunk flower week 5 pic, what do ya think?

    This is one of my current girls in flower. Its week 5 in soil, using GH gro, bloom, micro HW,& Koolblooms. With molassess on the side. Under 600w HPS lumatek. The plants are about 40" tall and full of buds that all look like this one, lol.. Ive noticed the majority of bud swelling so far within...
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    Wake up people

    You know its sad when a site dedicated to cannabis thinks theyve got to edit a thread name just because the 3 letters lsd are in the name. Until now I trully thought this site was different, But now see its just another hypocritical site thats scared to stand up for what it supposedly believes...
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    Lucy harvest pic, paper or plastic?

    This was the first one cut of 4, the first 2 looked like they were getting root bound at day 84 of flower, so I cut them a tad early. The trichomes were at about 20-30% amber. the first 2 are about 2 weeks older than the 2nd 2 Ill be cutting in a couple days when I get a better amber to milky...
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    New room setup, whatcha think

    Ok, Im hoping to totally redo my grow room, Heres whats gonna come hopefully by mid april. Ebb & Grow setup for 24 plants, 3 600w lumatek ballasts, 2 vortex fans 1 intake 1 exhaust, Stealth RO water system, CO2 generator, full atmosphere control setup, 2 carbon scrubbers. I will probably stick...
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    Spider in my room

    Is it bad if I have a basic house spider in my growroom? other than the fact Im extremely arachniphobic, do they hurt the girls, or should I just suck up and let him be.. lol.. My wife says Im like a little girl when I see spiders, lol.. So its a big step for me to try and get along with it. But...
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    Just wanted to give props to all growers

    Ok, Im sure weve all heard someone say, "how hard can it be", "its only a plant". Well, these people dont see all the work that trully goes into even a small grow. Not to mention all the upkeep on materials, and equipment. So I just wanted to say, Good job with all the hard work it takes for us...
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    Lemon Skunk flower day 23

    Ok, heres a couple of lemon skunk pics at day 23 of flower. had a bit of N defficiency, should be good from here out, it was caught pretty quick. I think they look better than the first try at this stage. Also, The L.S.D. is starting to open up, it goes a couple weeks longer, so its just...
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    Lemon skunk update pic

    Ok, these are 1 week 5 days into flower using G.H. Flora Gro, Bloom, Micro for hard water, & Liquid KoolBlooms. Im also using Technaflora MagiCal, & Sugar Daddy. Other additives are H2O2, Superthrive, & Mollasses during Last 3 weeks before flush.I have them Under 2 600watt lights, One is a...
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    Merry x-mas to all

    MERRY X-MAS to all the great folks on the site.. Thanks for everything, and I hope your christmas dreams come true.. From my family to yours datrippp
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    Temps for baking soil

    Hey everyone, Im trying to find some info on what temp to set my oven at, and what temp the actual soil should get to while baking. as well as time to bake at these temps, lol.. So really any info on baking soil to sterilize. I dont have any decent shops here, home depot is pretty much the best...
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    lemon skunk report

    Ok, well the first batch of lemon skunk is done. I did 4 plants in 1 gallon pots under a shared 600w, and a mother under a 150w Even with the ph, sudden temp drops, and light problems I was greatly impressed. It was a small yield of 2 oz, just a personal use grow. But everyone who got to smoke...
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