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  1. cannanewb

    New Buds

    My blueberry kissing the sun.
  2. cannanewb

    4th Outdoor Grow In Eastern Canada

    The new grow has started germinating, so here is hoping to see all eleven above soil before long with no troubles. This grow contains 4 Pineapple Express, 4 Blueberry, 1 Red Cherry, 1 Royal Gorilla and 1 Blueberry Gum. The Pineapple Express and Royal Gorilla are 50 / 50 so here you get the best...
  3. cannanewb

    3rd Outdoor Grow In Eastern Canada

    Seeds went into water 4:00 pm Sunday April 15th. We have 1 Red Cherry, 2 Barney's Farm Blue Berry, 2 California Orange, 1 Red Dragon, 2 Amnesia Lemon Pie, 2 Sour Lemon OG, I am hoping for a tasty harvest .
  4. cannanewb

    2nd Outdoor Grow In Eastern Canada

    Seeds went into water 1:00 pm Friday April 14th. 1 Vision Seeds Chocoloco Feminized, 2 Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized, 2 G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminized, 3 Dutch Passion Seeds Blueberry Feminized, 1 GreenHouse Seed Co. Arjan's Strawberry Haze Feminized, 1 Elemental Seeds Honey...
  5. cannanewb

    Cannanewb's First Time Grow

    Hello everyone, I am new to here and doing my first grow. I know very little about growing cannabis so feel free to correct me if you see I am doing something wrong. I am growing CKS feminized White Widow, I am assuming it is auto flowering (I hope so). I will be doing an outdoor grow in a...
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