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  1. Gfcollective

    Need help finding a thread

    So about 6 months or so ago 420magazine officials posted a LIST of CBD companies that had little to no cbd in their products. Anyone know where i can look for that at? It was uploaded by a mod, that asked members to make the list into one picture which was done. I was wanting that image. I&I
  2. Gfcollective

    Old Island Indica - Sweet Baby Jane

    This Journal will be Featuring 3 strains, Old Island Indica, Sweet Baby Jane, And Platinum Girl Scout Cookie Old Island Indica - (Vashon Island, WA Exclusive) Old Island Indica is as close to the Landrace strain as it can be without flowering in the mountains of Afghanistan where it...
  3. Gfcollective

    500 plant las vegas bust

    Insane bust, havent seen one like it in awhile. about half way through the video i noticed the guy talking sticks his arm out and is wearing normal civilian cloths. Thats a informant inside that house giving details about the grow. love when he shows how intelligent he is with the comment "they...
  4. Gfcollective

    Kid Cannabis - Based on A True Story

    Anyone watch this film? its a pretty good film, ends alot better then i was expecting. Crazy Northern Idaho Boys.. I&i
  5. Gfcollective

    Texas citizen looking at life for pot brownies

    i tried searching for the thread as i thought i seen it posted in 420mag already. but i just heard about the guy again on a documentary i was watching, while watching it i had a thought about an older crime that happened recently in texas. was it not a year or so ago that a 16 year old...
  6. Gfcollective

    Juicing The Plant For Her CBD's

    I have had a couple patients come in recently talking about Juicing asking if i have any raw fresh leafs that i can get them. i told them that i prune plants about every week so i throw away alot of fan leafs and small branches. they went on to tell me that their doctors told them about juicing...
  7. Gfcollective

    Completely Organic Homemade Insecticide

    Everyone gets pests, no matter how hard you try. (until i get my double door sanitized grow room :P [jk]) Was best discovered on a indoor grow that one plant got infested with spider mites. it wasnt the worst case we had seen but one plant lower leafs had webs formed so we had to act fast. with...
  8. Gfcollective

    Hemp and Cannabis

    with hemp being allowed to grow in the state of washington under the new farm bill that was recently passed.. where can i find the regulations on growing hemp (thc free) in washington. also, where is a good source to buy hemp (thc free) seeds? i live in washington and i am a medical...
  9. Gfcollective

    My 'Baby Cake'

    Dont let the Size fool you, it has the cleanest smoothest hit you can ask for.
  10. Gfcollective

    GFC Extracts

  11. Gfcollective

    Growing CBD Strains - Advice needed

    Hello all, i am new to growing CBD strains and have been told they take longer to flower then regular. Im curious as to: how long should they be in veg? how tall should i let them get, should i fim, "mainline" or super crop the CBD strains? how long does flower usually last? everything else i...
  12. Gfcollective

    Lion n' Witch Garden

    Hello, im GFC and this is my 'lion n' witch garden' (lay'n and watch garden) New Pic 5/27/14 She is freshly started but i started about a week ago before i decided to join a forum. I have kept a pretty accurate record as far as temp/humidity...
  13. Gfcollective

    Needing help on : Indoor Custom Herb Garden

    Wondering if anyone on these forums have had experience with building a custom herb (basil, sage, etc) garden or know of someone that has. i would love to have any type of information in constructing one of these. I do have a 4'x4'x8' tent as well as a 10'x12'x10' room that i can place this herb...
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