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  1. MKrop420

    Quest diagnostics urine test, did i drink too much water?

    Hey guys i am 2 months clean but being dumb I drank 32 oz of water a hour before my drug test. It was my second pee of the day, i had to go badly. I am afraid I will turn up as negative-diluted. What do you think? Is 32oz of water to much water a hour before the test for someone that is 5'8...
  2. MKrop420

    Mkrop's DWC

    Specs: Grow space: Indoor 3x3 tent Lighting: Swapping MH/HPS (600W) Method: Deep Water Culture Medium: Hydrocorn Training: ScroG Seed bank: Riot Seeds Strain: Cookie Dream -Strain Type Indica / Sativa Equal...
  3. MKrop420

    Help! Purple Stems and Wilted leaves

    Hey everyone, transplanted my clones into my ebb and flow table yesterday and they seem wilted/ stems turned purple. Flooding for 15 min every 6 hours, so i hope that is the appropriate amount of water. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Any deficiency problems? maybe magnesium...
  4. MKrop420

    600W 3x3 Phantom Cookies Ebb N Flow

    :420::helpsmilie::yummy: Hey everyone, this is my first time grow. Just finished building my set up and transplanting the clones. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my specs: Strain: Phantom Cookies (GDP/ Cherry Pie) 6 plants 600 Watt/ Air Cooled Ebb N Flow 3x3 Tent 2x3 Tray...
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